Best Lithium inverter for Home in India

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In today’s video, we are going to talk about Lithium Solar PCU. This video is going to be for anyone who wants a Lithium Solar PCU that supports Lithium Battery, but right now in most of the houses you get to see only Lead Acid Battery, But the time to come is going to be for Lithium batteries because the price of Lithium batteries has come down considerably. If you buy a Lithium battery with the same backup, you get it at the same price as a Lead Acid battery.

Here the same backup means that if you take the same backup as a 150ah battery gives in a Lithium battery, then the price of the battery will remain the same. For example, a 150ah Lead Acid battery can give you a backup of up to 0.7 units, that is, if you run a 100 watt load on it, you can run it for about 7 hours.

If you want to buy the same capacity battery in Lithium, then you can get this much backup from 80ah battery only, then 80ah Lithium battery and 150ah Lead Acid battery will give you equal backup and their price is also the same in the market. Is going to be seen. However, you may have to pay a little extra cost for lithium battery and you also benefit from it, because a lithium battery is maintenance free.

It does not release any kind of harmful gas, takes up very less space, is very light in weight, you get all the benefits in Lithium battery so that even if you have to pay Rs 2-4000 extra, there will be no problem in it. No, here now let us talk about which solar PCUs support lithium batteries.

Transformerless Inverter

All the transformers which are latest technology inverters can support lithium batteries because inside them you can get a communication port which can communicate with the battery and in advanced technology lithium batteries you get a communication port. , So if you connect the communication port of inverter and battery, then your inverter and battery communicate with each other.

So that your system performs very well, that is why you can easily install lithium batteries on transformer less technology, but their cost is also very high.

inverter with transformer

If you consider them as normal inverters with transformers. What to do if you want to install Lithium battery on it, many companies have already come in the market for that too. Which claims that you can install their lithium battery on a normal inverter i.e. an inverter with transformer technology, whether it is a solar inverter or a normal inverter.

Solar charge controllers of many companies have also come in the market. In which you set the parameters of Lithium battery, then they also support Lithium battery. Of which the solar charge controller of Ashapower company is one. Inside which you can do a lot of customization, then on top of that you can also use lithium battery,

UTL Gamma Plus 3350

UTL Gamma Plus 3350 Inverter Special was just newly launched. This PCU supports lithium battery. If you want to install Lithium battery of UTL company itself, then you can also install it, it is more beneficial, because if there is any problem in your inverter or battery in future, then you have to directly contact the same company. Otherwise, if you install a battery of any other company, then the battery company may say that there is a problem with your inverter and the inverter company may say that there is a problem with your battery, so as far as possible, buy an inverter from the same company. And try to use lithium batteries.

Su-Vastika Inverter

Even in Swastik company, you get such inverters with lithium batteries and they can also make a combo of them, that is, you can also buy an inverter with inbuilt battery from them. Which has a battery inside itself, so you do not need to install a separate battery there and you will not need a separate place to keep the battery, so you can buy it from any company.

Suvastika has a huge range within the company. With their Lithium Battery and Lithium Solar PCU, you can buy as big a system as you want up to 100 Kva from them.

Electric Inverter

Electrower also comes with solar inverters with inbuilt lithium batteries and here, if you want to install an external battery on their solar PCU, then you will get them in the Electro company too and within the Electrower company, you will get inverters with transformers of very big sizes too. Let’s go. Even if you need a 5Kva inverter, it will be available in Electrower company.

Ashapower Inverter

Apart from this, solar charge controllers of Ashapower company support lithium batteries. Similarly, their solar PCUs have also arrived. Which you can use with lithium batteries. If you need to customize such parameters, then here I have mentioned three to four companies. Inverter with transformer and transformer less technology, so you can use the inverter of any company.

All the transformer less inverters coming in India are imported. Transformer latest technology inverters are not yet made in India, so it is up to you to see whether you want to use such inverters or not.

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