Which is the lowest power consumption AC?

Which is the lowest power consumption AC?

Many people ask this question here. Which is the least power consuming air conditioner? So the answer to this question here can be in two ways. Generally speaking, the air conditioner which has the lowest capacity. That means you know. We get air conditioners in tons. Now 1 ton, 1.5 ton and even 0.8 ton is available. You can probably get even 0.5 ton air conditioner, so if you buy the smallest air conditioner i.e. 0.5 ton air conditioner, it consumes the least electricity.

On the other hand, if we talk about technology, the air conditioner with inverter technology will consume much less electricity as compared to the normal air conditioner. If we talk about rating, then instead of 3 star rating, an air conditioner with 5 star rating will consume the least electricity. Apart from this, if we talk about other technology, then instead of inverter air conditioner, solar air conditioner will consume the least electricity.

solar air conditioner

If you run the solar air conditioner directly from the solar panel, it will not have any impact on your electricity bill. So you can see which air conditioner consumes the least electricity for different conditions. But if we talk about solar air conditioners, solar air conditioners of many companies have come in the market, which you can buy. Solar air conditioner consumes the least electricity. Whether you run it with solar panels or normal electricity. If you want to keep the cost of air conditioner absolutely zero, then use air conditioner along with solar panel.

So that your air conditioner can run the whole day with the help of solar panels. But if you want to run it even at night. So you will again have to use the grid supply and here even after using the grid supply, your air conditioner still runs on very less power.

best solar air conditioner

You can find solar air conditioners from many different companies in the market. If you want to buy only solar air conditioner from them, you can buy that also. If you want to buy the complete combo, you can buy that also. But buy the complete combo. So this costs you a lot. The solar air conditioner here. They are already quite expensive compared to other inverter air conditioners.

When you add the cost of solar panels to this, they become even more expensive. However, the price of solar panels has come down significantly in the last few months. Currently, solar panels are available at very affordable prices, but even if you buy the complete combo, they will be a bit costly. If we talk about price here.

1.5 ton solar air conditioner price

You get a 1.5 ton solar air conditioner for around ₹ 6000. If we talk about 1.5 ton inverter air conditioner, you can see a difference of around ₹ 5000000 here. But when talking inside an air conditioner. If you want to install it along with solar panels, then along with the 1.5 ton solar air conditioner, you get six solar panels of 350 watts each. That means panels of approximately 2 kilowatts are available.

With which your entire work is done. For ₹ 130000 and you can see this online also by visiting many websites. You can see solar air conditioners from many different companies. The air conditioner we are talking about here. It is from Exalta company. Apart from this, you can also see solar ACs from Cellcronic company. But if we talk about the air conditioner of Cellcronic company, then you get only 1.5 ton air conditioner for around ₹ 1 lakh. But here the air conditioner of Celchronic company works like Hot and Cold.

That means you can use it in summer also. Can be used in winter also. That’s why it costs a little more. And on top of this, you can also reduce your electricity bill by installing 2 watt solar panels. But here comes the problem. That when you install solar panels directly on the solar air conditioner, you can use your solar panels only to power the solar air conditioner.

Which solar system should be installed to run AC?

It is better if you cannot use it for home supplies. If you want to reduce your electricity bill, then you can install on-grid solar system and you get this benefit. That when you use air conditioner, more electricity will be consumed and

When you do not use the air conditioner, your solar panels will generate excess electricity and then send that electricity back to the grid. So that your electricity bill will be reduced and is going to be much less. So here, if you are looking for a solar air conditioner that consumes the least power, then you can get it from any company. Simply you have to see the company which is claiming about its solar air conditioner.

That it is a solar air conditioner. It runs directly on solar panels. Or not, many companies tell you. That this is a solar air conditioner. Its power consumption is low. So you have to ask this. That your solar air conditioner can run directly from the solar panel.

Or not because your electricity bill can be reduced only if it runs directly on solar panels. If you still have any question or suggestion regarding this, then comment in the comment box.

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