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3 hp and 5 hp Solar Water pump Price With Subsidy

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The use of modern equipment is essential for the development of the agricultural sector. Irrigation in agriculture is typically done through pumps powered by either biofuel or grid electricity. Biofuel-powered pumps generate significant pollution and can cause financial losses for farmers. To address this, the government has initiated the PM KUSUM scheme to encourage farmers to install solar pumps. Solar pumps not only benefit agriculture but also the environment. Under this scheme, farmers receive subsidies for installing solar pumps.

Through this scheme, subsidies are provided for installing 3 and 5 HP solar pumps. Farmers will receive a 60% subsidy on the cost of solar pumps, and the remaining 40% will be contributed by the farmers themselves. Subsidies of up to 2.38 lakh will be provided to citizens for solar pumps installed under this scheme by the central government.

3 hp and 5 hp Solar Water pump Price With Subsidy

The agricultural department has indicated that the price of a 3 HP solar pump is approximately 2.15 lakh rupees, with citizens receiving a subsidy of 1.14 lakh rupees. Similarly, the price of a 5 HP solar pump is around 3.05 lakh rupees, with farmers receiving a subsidy of 1.76 lakh rupees. A 7.5 HP solar pump costs 4.53 lakh rupees, with farmers eligible for a subsidy of 2.38 lakh rupees.

Under this scheme, general and OBC category farmers receive a 60% subsidy. The target is to install 2,000 solar pumps of 7.5 HP and 10 HP. Farmers dependent on biofuel-powered pumps for irrigation can benefit from this scheme by installing solar pumps.

Documents and Eligibility Criteria for Scheme Application:

1. Applicant’s Aadhaar Card
2. Copy of Land Record or Passbook (Land Ownership)
3. Online declared proof of irrigation water source
4. Affidavit declaring the absence of electricity connection (online)
5. General and OBC category farmers must own a minimum of 0.4 hectares of land.
6. ST category farmers must own a minimum of 0.2 hectares of land to be eligible to install 3 HP and 5 HP solar pumps.


Only farmers residing in Rajasthan can apply for subsidy under this scheme. They can submit their applications on the Rajasthan government’s Raj Kisan Sathi portal. For further details about this scheme, you can contact your nearest Department of Horticulture office. Under this scheme initiated by the central government, farmers can install solar pumps in their fallow land and enhance agricultural development.

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