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Haryana solar pump yojana Apply online registration

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To strengthen farmers economically, both the central and state governments continue to launch schemes at their respective levels. Similarly, to assist farmers in irrigation, the Haryana Solar Pump Scheme has been launched. Through this scheme, farmers in Haryana can avail a 75% subsidy from the government for installing solar pumps. This scheme has been initiated by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy of the central government.

Traditional irrigation in agriculture is often powered by fossil fuels such as diesel and petrol, which not only incur economic losses for farmers but also contribute to environmental pollution. Solar-powered equipment, on the other hand, does not produce any pollution, making it an environmentally friendly alternative. Therefore, the government is encouraging the use of solar devices to a greater extent. This article provides all the information about the Haryana Solar Pump Scheme, enabling you to learn more about it.

Haryana Solar Pump Yojana

Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar has initiated the Solar Pump Scheme for the upliftment of farmers in the state. Under this scheme, a 75% subsidy is provided to all farmers in the state for installing solar pumps for agricultural irrigation. Additionally, farmers can also avail a 50% subsidy for purchasing other equipment related to agriculture. This way, modernization of the agricultural sector can be achieved, empowering farmers. Farmers can apply for this scheme online, and the selection of solar pumps can be done based on the size of their fields and the groundwater level.

Benefits of the Haryana Solar Pump Scheme

1. Farmers in the state are provided with a subsidy of 75% by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy for purchasing solar pumps.

2. Under this scheme, solar pumps of 3 HP, 5 HP, 7.5 HP, and 10 HP (horsepower) (for agricultural use) are installed. The subsidy of 75% is provided to farmers only upon the installation of solar panels ranging from 3 HP to 10 HP.

3. There is minimal additional expense involved in installing solar pumps, and electricity can also be generated for free.

4. Improvements in agricultural techniques in the state will lead to agricultural development, resulting in economic benefits for farmers.

5. The scheme aims to reduce the use of fossil fuels, thereby promoting environmental conservation in Haryana by minimizing the use of organic fuels.

Eligibility criteria for the Haryana Solar Pump Yojana

1. Only farmers who are residents of Haryana state are eligible to apply for the solar pump scheme.
2. Farmers who do not have electricity-operated pumps are eligible to apply for this scheme. Those who already have electricity-operated pumps will be given priority only after they pay their full electricity bill.
3. The applicant’s family should not have a solar connection.
4. The applicant should have land records (jamabandi) in the name of the farmer applying for the scheme.
5. Farmers whose groundwater level has fallen below 40 meters in their agricultural land area should not apply for this scheme.
6. Selection of beneficiaries under the scheme will be based on annual income and land capacity.

Documents For Haryana Solar Pump Yojana

1. Aadhar Card
2. Identification proof
3. Residence certificate
4. Agricultural land documents
5. Bank passbook information
6. Passport size photo
7. Mobile number

Haryana solar pump yojana Apply online registration

The process for applying to the Haryana Solar Pump Yojana is as follows:

1. Go to the official portal of Saral Haryana.
2. After reaching the Saral Haryana portal, sign in with your login ID and password. (If you are a new user, click on New User)
3. Once logged in, navigate to “Apply for Services” and click on “View all Available Services.”
4. In the search bar on the new page, search for “Solar” and click on “Application for Solar Water Pumping Scheme.”
5. If you have a family ID, enter it, and your information will be filled automatically. Verify with OTP.
6. Fill in all the required information carefully in the application form for the scheme.
7. Upload all the necessary documents requested along with the application form and click on Submit.

This way, you can apply for this scheme and avail its benefits.

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