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Adani Solar Panel Price in India 2024 : Adani Solar is India’s largest PV module and cell manufacturer. It has the largest solar projects in South India. They use self-solar cells in their solar panels, which is why the cost of its solar panels is lower than the rest of the solar panel manufacturers. Adani Company is a solar company based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, which was started in the year 2015 by Gautam Adani. Currently the manufacturing capacity of solar power plant is 1.5 GW, now they are increasing it to 3.5 GW. Their Multi-Crystalline, Mono PERC, Bifacial panels are available in the market, which are produced on 100% automated machinery.

In today’s article we will tell you adani solar panel price We will tell you how much money you can pay for this purchase. Along with this, we will also tell you about the benefits of its installation, while we will also tell you about the government subsidy available on its installation through this article. If you want to know everything about Adani Solar Panel Price, then read this article till the end.

Adani Solar Panel Product Range and Price List

Adani Solar has its own 1.5GW solar power plant in Madurai, Gujarat solar panel Manufacturing Plant and Cell Manufacturing Plant. The product range of Adani Solar Panel available in the market is 440W and the price range of its solar panels starts from INR. ₹29,000 to ₹30,000 (₹29 to ₹30 per watt).

Wattages Cost (Rs.) Price/Watt
440W half cut solar panel 29,000 29 – 30
1kW Solar Panel Price 58,000 22
2kW Solar Panel Price 44,000 22
3kW Solar Panel Price 66,000 22
5kW Solar Panel Price 110,000 22
10kW Solar Panel Price 220,000 22
15kW Solar Panel Price 330,000 22
20kW Solar Panel Price 440,000 22
25kW Solar Panel Price 550,000 22
30kW Solar Panel Price 660,000 22
40kW Solar Panel Price 880,000 22
50kW Solar Panel Price 1,100,000 22

Note: For your information, the above price of Adani Solar Panel (including 5% GST and 1% transportation) may vary by +/- 10-20% depending on the location and size of the project.


If you are EPC player, solar developer, solar installer, dealer and distributor etc. then you must be aware of the certifications of any solar panel manufacturer. if you off grid solar If you are using solar panels in the system, you do not need any certification. If you are working in any solar tender, like water pump, solar subsidyGovernment Tender, Rooftop Solar Project, Ground Mounted Solar System, then you must complete Czech Solar Certification, such as-

Adani Solar Panel Certification

1. bis – Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) certification is mandatory for those wishing to sell any electronic product like solar panels in the Indian market. It checks the safety, quality, performance and other parameters of the product.

2. CE – Certificate of Registration (CE) is also a mandatory certification for any electronic product, such as solar panels, that wants to be sold in the international market.

3. DCR Cell – Domestic Content Requirement (DCR) is also mandatory for government tenders, like rooftop solar subsidy, water pump, street light tender etc.

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solar installation

Adani Renewable Energy Park Rajasthan Limited (AREPRL) is developing a 500 MW capacity solar park at Bhadla, Jodhpur and a 1,500 MW capacity solar park at Fatehgarh, Jaisalmer.

How to buy Adani Solar Panel?

As discussed in the above section, Adani Solar is working on large-scale solar projects. This means it has 50 kW to MW level solar projects. It sells solar panels through distribution channels. They have only 11 exclusive distributors across India that take orders below 199MW. They also have a global presence such as the United States. Any end customer can purchase through any solar installer or system integrators. The company sells solar panels above 50 kW directly to any EPC player or government tenderers.

Reliable quality of Adani solar panels

Adani Solar uses high-grade polysilicon and trend setting innovations to create robust sunlight-based chargers that can withstand brutal atmospheric conditions such as intensity, humidity, residual and rain. Every effort is made to provide their boards with high protection from wear, breakage and potentially induced corruption.

This guarantees that they will produce clean energy efficiently for the next 25 years with little degradation. The reliable quality and lifespan of Adani boards gives you good returns from your betting in the long run. Adani solar panels use advanced monocrystalline PERC cell technology to effectively convert sunlight into clean electricity.

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Adani Solar Panel Competitive Pricing

As possibly the largest sun-based organization in India, Adani can benefit from economies of scale in sun-powered assembly and keep its board costs low. They regularly offer attractive ranges and helpful options that make their items very appropriately contrasted with different brands.

There is no need to worry about adding solar powered electricity to your home or business through Adani Board being an expensive deal. Lower explicit expenses and power investment funds guarantee a more limited restoration period.

improve efficiency

Adani Solar is continuously working to develop more efficient panel technologies to maximize power production. Their R&D efforts have produced new models with mono-perc cells that can convert about 21-22% of sunlight into electricity – much higher than a few years ago. As efficiency improves, the same number of Adani panels will generate even more electricity to offset your bills. This increases the returns on your solar investment in the long run.

comprehensive warranty

All Adani solar panels come with a standard product warranty of 12 years and a performance warranty of 25 years. This guarantees the functionality and power generation capacity of the panels. If a cell experiences problems due to faulty manufacturing or material during the product life, Adani will replace it free of charge.

Their long-term warranty assures that the system will continue to operate reliably providing clean solar energy as well as financial returns for decades. Independent testing has proven that Adani solar panels retain more than 90% of their maximum power output even after 25 years of use.

Sustainable energy sources:

By choosing sun oriented energy through Adani Boards, mortgage holders and organizations are reducing their carbon impact and dependence on petroleum derivatives. This essentially contributes towards a green future. Sun-based energy is unlimited and free – when the infrastructure is introduced, it will produce pollution-free electricity from the sun with no fuel costs. Adani Board accordingly offers an eco-friendly and manageable long-range energy system.

What government subsidies are available for Adani Solar Panels?

The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) offers several subsidy schemes to promote the adoption of rooftop solar energy across India. Here are some of the major subsidies available that make Adani solar panels more affordable. Central Financial Assistance (CFA): This system provides a subsidy of 40% of the cost or Rs. Rs 13.5 lakh/MW, whichever is less. The current incentive is capped at 30 kW residential and 500 kW commercial capacity.

  • Healthy Air Power: To install renewable systems in highly polluted cities, an additional 15% subsidy is offered under this programme.
  • Off-Grid and Decentralized Solar Applications: Detached houses, community buildings and street lighting projects in rural areas are eligible for more than 50% subsidy under this scheme.
  • Surya Mitra: This MNRE program trains young individuals as solar technicians and entrepreneurs. They get stipends and loans to purchase solar products at low rates.
  • Some states also offer their own financial incentives. For example, Gujarat gives 25% subsidy and soft loans. Rajasthan offers net metering benefits where excess power can be sold back to the grid. Various bank finance schemes exist with interest rebates and low down payment options.


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