Mridang Class 2 English Worksheet Chapter 3 It Is Fun

Students enjoy working on Mridang Class 2 English Worksheets Chapter 3 It Is Fun as they make learning fun and interactive.

NCERT Class 2 English Mridang Worksheet Chapter 3 It Is Fun

Let us Speak

Read the poem ‘it is Fun’ and answer the following questions:

1. If you were a dog, what would you do?
2. What activity did you do today that was really ?
3. If you meet a monkey. what would you say?
4. Imagine you are a little fish. Describe what you might see around you.
5. Fill in the blanks:
(a) If I were a bird, I would _____ (fly/cry)
(b) A cat climb on the tree. (can/can’t)

Let us Write

Make as man sentences as you can from the table given below. One has been done for you.

Picture Reading

Look at the picture carefully and complete the sentences.

1. This is a scene of a ________
2. Two boys are playing with a _______
3. A girl is on the _______
4. There are children_______

Let us Think

Action word tell us what people animals, things do.
Look at the picture. Circle the actions each one can do. One has been done for you.

Let us Speak

Match the pictures with their names.

Let us Draw

Follow the steps to draw a rangoli and colour it.

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