You will get more subsidy than before on installing solar system on rooftop

You will get more subsidy than before on installing solar system on rooftop, MNRE Solar Subsidy Scheme. Subsidy on Solar Panels Solar Rooftop Scheme

Earlier you used to get a subsidy of Rs 14588 for installing 1kw solar, which has now increased to Rs 18000. Similarly, if you install 2kw, 3kw, 5kw, or 10 kilowatt solar, the subsidy amount on that too has increased.

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Earlier you used to get a subsidy of Rs 9482 for installing 10 kilowatt solar. Now it has increased to Rs 117000. You get this subsidy only then. When your home is connected to the roots. The roof is your own. And if you are installing solar panels on your roof, then you get this subsidy if you install up to 10kW of solar.

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If you install more than 10Kw, you will not get subsidy and this subsidy is from the Central Government. Which is applicable in the entire country. But there are some such places. Which falls in a slightly hilly area. Or it is a little far from mainland India. Which is a bit difficult to reach. The amount of subsidy for such states has increased slightly.

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Rooftop Solar Subsidy in India

SOLAR SETUP 2023 2024
Rs 14588
Rs 29176
Rs 43764
Rs 51058
Rs 58352
Rs 65642
Rs 72940
Rs 80234
Rs 87528
Rs 94822
Rs 18000
Rs 36000
Rs 54000
Rs 63000
Rs 72000
Rs 81000
Rs 90000
Rs 99000
Rs 108000
Rs 117000
10KW+ Fixed Rs 94822 Fixed Rs 117000

You will get more subsidy than before for installing solar system on your rooftop.

North Eastern States – which includes Mizoram, Manipur, Tripura, Meghalaya, Nagaland, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh and Sikkim. Apart from this, the states on our northern side also include Ladakh, Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir, Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh.

SOLAR SETUP 2023 2024
Rs 17662
Rs 35324
Rs 52986
Rs 61817
Rs 70642
Rs 79479
Rs 88310
Rs 97141
Rs 105972
Rs 114803
Rs 20000
Rs 40000
Rs 60000
Rs 70000
Rs 80000
Rs 90000
Rs 100000
Rs 110000
Rs 120000
Rs 130000
10KW+ Fixed Rs 114803 Fixed Rs 130000

Apart from this, the island states of India include Lakshadweep and Andaman and Nicobar Islands. If you live in any of these states and have solar installed, then the amount you will get will increase slightly. In this you can see that if 1kw to 10kw solar was installed, the amount would have been Rs 17662 in 2023 and now this amount has increased. If you install 1 Kw solar, you will get a subsidy of Rs 20,000 and after that as it increases, if you install solar up to a maximum of 10 Kw, you will get a subsidy of Rs 130,000.

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Rooftop Solar Subsidy for Resident Welfare Associations

After this come those people who live in big buildings and live in apartments, which are called RWAs and group housing societies. They do not have a common roof of their own, but if they also want to get solar installed, can they get it installed and will they get subsidy? They will definitely get it. You do not have your own roof.

But there is such a common area in your society. Like the roof of the building. That is the common terrace. It’s everyone’s. There you can get solar installed which is a common facility of the entire society like lights in your society. There is a lift. There is water connection. This is the electricity used for all common facilities. For its fulfillment you can get solar installed and there you will get subsidy.


Rs 729400
Rs 1458800
Rs 2188200
Rs 2917600
Rs 3647000
Rs 1000000
Rs 2000000
Rs 3000000
Rs 4000000
Rs 5000000
500KW+ Fixed Rs 3647000 Fixed Rs 5000000

Now the solar project there. They seem a bit big, so if you install a solar setup of 100 Kw, 200Kw to 500kw in 2023, you would get ₹ 729400/100kw subsidy and now in 2024, if you install a 100 KW solar setup, you will get ₹ 9 lakh/100Kw. You get subsidy up to Rs.

Similarly, as your setup increases, if you install a solar setup up to 500Kw, you will get a subsidy of up to Rs. 45 lakhs. Whereas if your society comes under special status. So this amount will increase a little more, you can see how much it will increase in the table above.

For 100Kw you will get a subsidy of Rs 10 lakh and as your setup increases. You will get a subsidy of Rs 50 lakh on solar up to 500kw. If you have installed solar setup of more than 500kW, you will not get any subsidy.

The most important thing is the increased amount of subsidy. It has started from 5 January 2024. So if you had installed solar at your home. By taking subsidy before January 5, you will get only the old amount, if you have applied after January 5. So you will get increased amount. Now keep one more thing in mind, this is the subsidy I have told you about. This is from the Central Government.

Special State Rooftop Solar Subsidy

There are many such states in which the state government also gives subsidy. So that amount will be added on top of this, then you will get more subsidy there. For example, Jammu and Kashmir and Uttar Pradesh are some such states. Where there is subsidy from the state government also. If you install solar, you will get more subsidy there.

Conditions for availing subsidy on solar system

Now I have told you the amount of subsidy but there are some conditions for taking subsidy. Which you have to take care of.

  • First of all, subsidy will be available only on residential projects.
  • It will not be available on commercial items i.e. there is no subsidy on shops, offices and factories.
  • You will get subsidy only if you are installing solar at home.
  • Second is your solar setup. It should be on grid in which there is no battery and there is connection with the grid. Connected to solar setup.
  • The amount of electricity you need to use. Do that and whatever extra is generated will go into the grid. You will get subsidy only on this setup.
  • Must have DCR solar panels
  • DCR solar panels are those panels which are manufactured in India. Not only the solar panels but the solar cells installed inside them are also manufactured in India.
  • In other normal solar panels, solar cells are imported from other countries and assembled in India. There is no subsidy on such solar panels.

How to apply for subsidy

How to apply for solar rooftop subsidy: Now let me tell you the complete process, how you will get the subsidy, how to apply.

  • So the Indian Government has created a website. National Portal for Rooftop Solar (You have to apply by visiting this website.
  • You have to register on this website. After registering you have to select your state.
  • You have to select your distribution company. There you have to enter your electricity consumer number. You will get this on your electricity bill.
  • You have to register with your phone number and email ID. Once you register, you have to follow all the steps there.
  • After applying, you have to wait for feasibility approval. It means. That the distribution company will tell you that yes you can get solar installed.
  • After that you have to get solar installed only through a registered empaneled vendor. These are the empaneled vendors.

You will get its list on solarrooftop.gov.in website. Here, there is an option below the main page on the website. Empaneled Vendors By State As soon as you click on it, you will see the names of many states in front of it.

The name of the distribution company is written in front of it. Select your distribution company from there. And the list of vendors will be visible there.

Keep in mind who the vendor is. Try to find one in your nearby area so that you can get the service easily. If you select a far away vendor then there will be difficulty in getting service there.

Whichever vendor you select should be the final vendor. You cannot change the vendor in between. If you change the vendor in between and the work does not seem right then the entire process will be rejected. And you will have to apply again for subsidy.

How to get subsidy on solar system

Once you get the installation done from the vendor, you have to submit your details for the net meter. There will be a one-time inspection for the net meter by the distribution company. After that you will get the Commissioning Certificate. Once you have received the Commissioning Certificate.

Then you have to add your bank details. A canceled check has to be given. And the subsidy amount will come directly into your bank account within 30 days.

Question – How much will solar setup cost you after getting subsidy?
Answer – Currently, the prices of solar panels have reduced significantly in India. If you currently install 1 kilowatt on-grid solar setup at home without subsidy, it will cost you somewhere between 40 to 50 thousand rupees. If you get a subsidy of Rs 18000 in this. So a 1 kw solar system will cost you around Rs 20-30 thousand.

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