You will get more subsidy on installing solar panels at home

You will get more subsidy on installing solar panels at home

To reduce the electricity bill, we use solar system in our homes, which not only reduces the electricity bill of our house but also we can get good battery backup. But it costs a lot to install solar system. That is why many people think that it would be better if they get their solar system installed at the least cost.

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For this, the government comes out with many schemes from time to time, under which if you install a solar system at your home, you can get a good subsidy. Recently, MNRE has increased the subsidy, so now whoever wants to install a solar system at his home can get it. There is going to be more subsidy than before.

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How much subsidy will be given on Residential Solar Rooftop?

The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) has increased the Central Financial Assistance (CFA) under the rooftop solar scheme for various categories of residential consumers. The ministry said that the new rates will be available through tender mode or through the National Portal for Rooftop Solar. Will be applicable to projects started through applications received through .

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As per the new notification, MNRE will give a CFA of Rs 18,000 per kW for residential solar rooftop projects between 1-3 kW capacity. Earlier it was given at the rate of Rs 14,588/kWh. With the revision in CFA grant under this category, any consumer applying for central subsidy will be eligible for enhanced CFA per kWh.

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Similarly, the ministry has increased the rates for rooftop solar projects between 3 kW and 10 kW from Rs 7,294/kWh to Rs 9,000/kWh, registering an increased revision. For particular states, the subsidies have also been modified. For the special situation, the central subsidy for residential rooftop projects between 1-3 kW is Rs 20,000/kWh, and for projects above 3 kW but below 10 kW, the total subsidy will be Rs 10,000/kWh.

It also said that for Resident Welfare Associations/Group Housing Societies, for common facilities up to 500 kW with a limit of 10 kW per household, the ministry will provide Rs 9,000 per kW for general states and Rs 10,000 for special states. Will give grant of /kW.
The special states include north-eastern states including Sikkim, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh and Union Territories – Jammu and Kashmir (J&K), Ladakh, Lakshadweep and Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

The ministry said the new rates will be applicable to all future bids and those bids which are to be closed 15 days after the issue of the notice. It also said that the new benchmark CFA rates will be applicable to all claims submitted in the national portal for rooftop solar.

So if you also want to install a subsidized solar system at your home, then you can apply by visiting the official website of the National Portal.

National Solar Rooftop Portal, the central financial support has been increased upto Rs. 18000/KWp from previous Rs. 14,588/KWp for projects up to 3 KW and Rs. 9000/Kwp from Rs. Rs.7,294/- for projects above 3 KW and up to 10 KW. New rates are applicable for all claims in the National Portal from the date of issue of Order i.e. 5.1.2024.

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