You can earn lakhs of rupees from IPO of this solar energy company

You can earn from IPO of this solar energy company. lakhs of rupees

There are many different big companies in our country. Which does business on a very large level. All these companies have crores of rupees deposited with them. But these companies give you a chance to earn money along with them. Because if you buy shares of these companies. So the shares of these companies see a rise very quickly. With this you can easily increase your money in no time. But before buying shares of any company, it is very important for you to know about that company.

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Because every company works in different fields. And the shares of all the companies increase according to their field. If you also want to buy shares of a good and good company. So first of all you have to do complete research of the company.

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In today’s time, many new such big companies have come up. Which are selling their shares at a very low price. And these companies are going to give you a chance to earn good money in the coming time. So in today’s blog we are going to give you information about one such company.

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Solar Stock Price in India

Whenever you want to buy shares of any company. Then first of all you should see that the shares of any company you are buying from the market. In which field is that company working? Because there are many such companies in our country. Which has been working very well and at a good level for some time. Some big solar companies are also included in this.

You all would know that the Government of India is giving a lot of emphasis on solar energy. Due to which many solar companies have become very big in recent times.

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Because the Indian government wants to take its solar energy to a bigger level in the coming time. For which the Indian government is taking the help of different solar companies. And Alpex Solar is also one such solar company. Who are working on a very big level.

But now this company has released its shares in the market. With the help of which the company is going to invest the money collected by the company in different models of solar energy.

Alpex Solar IPO: Solar Energy Company IPO

As we told you above, the Indian government has been giving more emphasis on solar energy for quite some time now. Due to which there is a huge rise in the stocks of solar sector companies. And Alpex Solar Company is also one such company. Which has now brought its shares in the market.

Alpex Solar Limited is coming with its IPO on 8th February. In which the company is going to provide shares worth about Rs 75 crore. And you will get to buy the shares of the company at approximately Rs 109 to 115. However, the IPO of the company will start from 8th February.

But the big investors will be able to bid on the shares of the company from February 7 only if you also want to buy the shares of this company. So you can participate in the IPO of Alpex Solar Company.

Because if you want to buy shares of this company. So in the coming time, you will see a huge rise in the shares of this company because it is a company related to solar energy. Whose work is done in different fields.

If you buy shares of this company. So with regularity you will be able to earn a good amount in the coming time.

IPO amount

The purpose of this IPO being organized by Alpex Solar Company is to expand its field through the amount deposited in this IPO. Because Alpex company will work to increase its 450 MW capacity to 1.2 GW with the funds received in this IPO, for which the company is going to use approximately Rs 19.55 crore.

Apart from this, the company will use approximately Rs 12.94 crore to strengthen the modules and aluminum frame units, while the remaining approximately Rs 20.55 crore will be spent in different fields. Which includes the corporate sector.

With the help of all this money, the company will work on each of its units so that the company can support the campaign of solar energy in the coming time. The company will distribute the shares sold in the IPO to people from different fields according to different fields. She is going to give from now onwards.

IPO Details

open date 08 Feb, 2024
Close Date 12 Feb, 2024
Lot Size 1,200
Minimum Investment ₹138,000.00
Issue Price ₹ 109 – ₹ 115
Listing Date 15 Feb, 2024
Listing On NSE
Issue Size ₹ 74.52 Cr
Face Value ₹ 10
Total Shares Offered 6,480,000
Offered To Public 2,155,200
Retail Max (Shares/Amount) ₹1,200/₹138,000

The allotment of shares in this IPO will be done on 13th February and the list of these shares will be published on NSE Emerge from 15th February.

we hope so. If you liked the information given by us about Alpex Solar IPO, then if you liked this information. And you want to get more such information. So you must visit our website and if you have any questions or suggestions regarding it. So you can ask by commenting in the comment box below.

Disclaimer: Investment/Trading in securities Market is subject to market risk, past performance is not a guarantee of future performance. The risk of loss in trading and investing in Securities markets including Equites and Derivatives can be substantial.

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