What can be run from 1 kilowatt solar panel?

What can be run from 1 kilowatt solar panel?

Many types of appliances are used in our homes such as lights, fans, washing machines, fridge coolers etc. Different amount of electricity is required to run all the equipment, like if we talk about 1 fan, then we will need about 70w of electricity. Similarly, if you run a normal cooler, then it will require about 150w of electricity. Will be required.

If you are thinking of installing 1 kilowatt solar panel but you do not know what load you can run on a 1 kilowatt solar panel, then first of all you should know how a complete solar system works. Along with solar panels, solar inverters and batteries are also used inside the solar system. That is why you can run different devices in different systems.

Grid Tie Solar System

If you have installed off grid solar system in which you have installed solar panels of 1 kilo watt, then you can run any load of your house very comfortably, in this you do not need to see that your load consumes more than 1 kilo watt of electricity. Yes or No.

Because in the grid solar system, whatever electricity comes from your solar panel is completely used and if more is required to run the household, then it is taken from the grid supply.

For example, if you have a load of 2kw in the house and 1kw of electricity is coming from your solar panel, then in such a situation your solar inverter will bring 1kw of electricity from the solar panel and take 1kw of electricity from the grid and combining both, will provide the load of your house. will work.

Double the battery backup by installing two batteries on a single battery inverter.

Off Grid Solar System

Batteries are used in off-grid solar system and this system can be installed even in places where there is no electricity connection. So before installing this system, you should know how much load you want to run and how many solar panels will be required for it.

But how much load can be run from 1 kilowatt solar panel depends on your solar inverter, because our solar inverter is the most important product inside the solar system and from that you will know how many solar panels you can install. And how many loads can it run?

For example, if you have taken a UTL Gamma plus 1kva solar inverter and have installed 1 kilo watt solar panels on it, then you will be able to run only 600-700w load on that inverter. Because that inverter comes with 1Kva load capacity. This inverter is for those for whom installing only 1 kilowatt solar panel means their load will be less.

Let us take the second example of Luminous NXG 1850 inverter. Although you can install solar panels up to 1.5kW on this inverter, but if you have installed solar panels of only 1 kilowatt on it, then you can still run the full load of up to 1 kilowatt on it. Because its load capacity is 1.5Kva.

Luminous solar panel price in india

What can be run from 1 kilowatt solar panel?

So now let us assume that you have taken an inverter whose load capacity is 1Kw and you have installed solar panels of 1 Kilowatt, then on that inverter you can power any appliance like light, fan, cooler, washing machine, computer, fridge etc. Can drive comfortably.
You just have to keep in mind that the load you are running should not be more than 1kw at a time. Such as,

4 LED Buld (20w) = 80w
3 Fans (70w) = 210w
2 Cooler (150w) = 300w
1 Computer = 200w
1 Fridge = 200w

Total = 990w

So you can see above how many equipment we have brought together due to which our total load is around 1kw, so you can run this much equipment together on a 1 kilo watt solar system or say a 1 kilo watt solar inverter. Can.

Never run any equipment directly on a solar panel. The solar panel simply charges your battery or works with the battery to power your equipment. From 1 kilowatt solar panel you get about 4-5 units of electricity in a day. So if you spend 4-5 units of electricity every day then only 1 kilowatt solar panels will be right for you, otherwise you may need a bigger solar panel.

Cost of installing 1 kilowatt solar system

You can prepare a 1 kilowatt solar system in different ways. If you prepare a 1 kilowatt solar system with a single battery solar inverter, it will cost you approximately ₹ 60000 and the same if you prepare a 1 kilowatt solar system with a 2 battery inverter. If you prepare it, it will cost you around ₹ 80000.

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