WBJEE Exam Pattern 2024 – Check Paper Pattern, Mode of Exam, Marking Scheme



WBJEE Exam Pattern 2024: Marking Scheme, Exam Mode


WBJEE Exam Pattern 2024 – The Exam pattern of WBJEE 2024 comprises three subjects with 2 categories of questions each. The exam will be of four hours duration in which they have to attempt a total of 155 questions. Aspirants who wish to attempt this state-level entrance examination must understand the WBJEE exam pattern comprehensively to ace the exam and get into the college of their choice. Aspirants can refer to this article to learn about the WBJEE full marks, total marks, the pattern of the paper, WBJEE number division and more.


The West Bengal Joint Entrance Examinations Board conducts the WBJEE examinations annually for admission to various undergraduate programmes. WBJEE 2024 exam will be held in April 2024 tentatively. 


WBJEE 2024 Marking Scheme

Candidates appearing for the exam must know the marking scheme of WBJEE. The below table provides a clear idea of how the WBJEE answer sheets are marked.






Category 1

Category 2

Category 3

Total Marks of WBJEE





WBJEE Negative Marking

The below table provides information about the WBJEE negative marking for each category of questions in the WBJEE exams:



Negative Marking

Category 1


Category 2


Category 3

There is no negative marking


WBJEE 2024 Question Paper Pattern

There are two papers in the WBJEE examination. Paper-I is Mathematics and Paper-II is Physics and Chemistry. Both Paper I and Paper II are of 100 marks each. The question paper of WBJEE is divided into 3 categories:


  • Category 1 questions will be of 1 mark
  • Category 2 questions will be of 2 marks
  • Category 3 questions will be of 2 marks

Category 1 and Category 2 questions carry a negative marking. There is no negative marking in Category 3 questions. 


WBJEE 2024 Exam Pattern Highlights

The WBJEE 2024 Exam Pattern Highlights are tabulated below-




Name of the Exam 

West Bengal Joint Entrance Examinations (WBJEE)

Exam Conducting Body

West Bengal Joint Entrance Examinations Board (WBJEEB)

Mode of Exam


WBJEE Time Duration

Four hours

Paper I: Mathematics (11 AM to 1 PM)

Paper II: Physics and Chemistry (2 PM to 4 PM)

Type of Question

Multiple-type Questions

Number of Questions

Physics – 40 questions

Chemistry – 40 questions

Mathematics – 75 questions

Category-wise Division of Questions


Category 1 – 50 Questions

Category 2 – 15 Questions

Category 3 –  10 Questions

Physics and Chemistry:

Category 1 – 30 Questions

Category 2 and 3 – 5 Questions each

Total Marks




Negative Marking



WBJEE OMR Instructions

Some important points for filling the OMR sheet in the WBJEE are given below-


  1. Candidates are allowed to open their question booklets only when their exam starts. Also, after the test, the test booklet and answer sheet must be submitted to the invigilator, or else the candidate is treated as absent for the entrance test.


  1. The invigilator asks the candidates to open the seal of the test booklet five minutes before the paper starts. Candidates should refrain from opening the seal of the question booklet before they are instructed to do so.


  1. As the exam is offline, candidates must fill in all the details with a blue or black ballpoint pen.


  1. The responses marked in the answer sheet of WBJEE cannot be edited.


  1. Candidates belonging to the PwD category are eligible for 20 minutes of extra time in each paper, for which they have to sit for the examination in the Board’s office in Kolkata.


  1. In case of any issue with the test booklet, candidates must immediately report to the invigilator to replace both the test booklet and the answer sheet.

WBJEE 2024 Syllabus

Candidates appearing for the exam must be aware of the WBJEE syllabus. This will help candidates to create a well-structured and effective study plan. The WBJEE syllabus is divided into 3 subjects, i.e. Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.


WBJEE 2024 Mathematics Syllabus
Integral CalculusArea Under Curves

Definite Integration

Differential Equation

Indefinite Integration

AlgebraBinomial Theorem

Complex Numbers

Mathematical Induction

Matrices and Determinants

Permutation and Combination


Set Theory and Relations


Theory of Equation

Coordinate GeometryCircle




Point and Straight Line


Differential CalculusContinuity and Differentiability

Differential Coefficient

Differentiation and Application of Derivatives



TrigonometryInverse Trigonometric Functions

Trigonometric Equations and Inequations

Trigonometric Ratios, Functions, and Identities

Statistics and Mathematical ReasoningMathematical Reasoning



WBJEE 2024 Physics Syllabus
Modern PhysicsAtomic Structure in Modern Physics

Experimental Physics

Nuclear Physics and Radioactivity

Photo-Electric Effect and Electromagnetic Waves

Semiconductors and Communication System

Mechanics-1Mathematics in Physics

Motion in One Dimension

Motion in Two Dimension and Projectile Motion

Newton’s Laws of Motion

Units and Dimensions

Work, Power, and Energy

Mechanics 2Center of Mass and Momentum Conservation

Circular Motion


Properties of Matter and Fluid Mechanics


Simple Harmonic Motion (SHM)

Electro-MagnetismElectric charges and Fields

Electric potential and Capacitance

Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Current


Classical Magnetism and Magnetic Properties of Matter


Heat and ThermodynamicsHeat Transfer

Laws of Thermodynamics

Thermal properties of matter, Calorimetry and Kinetic Theory of Gases

OpticsRay Optics

Wave Optics

Mechanical WavesWaves and Sounds


WBJEE 2024 Chemistry Syllabus
Physical ChemistryChemical Equilibrium

Atomic Structure

Chemical Kinetics


Gaseous State

Ionic Equilibrium

Mole Concept

Nuclear Chemistry

Redox and Volumetric Analysis

Solid State

Solution (General and Colligative Properties)

Thermodynamics and Thermochemistry

Organic ChemistryAlcohol and Ether

Chemistry in action

Biomolecules and Polymers

Carbonyl Compounds

Carboxylic Acid and its Derivatives

Classification and Nomenclature

General Organic Chemistry


Haloarenes and Phenols

Hydrocarbons: Alkanes, Alkenes, and Alkynes


Nitrogen Compound and Aliphatic Amines

Practical and Environmental Chemistry

Inorganic ChemistryChemical Bonding

Coordination Compounds

D-Block and F-Block Elements


P-Block Elements

Periodic Properties

Qualitative Analysis

S-Block Elements, Hydrogen, and its Compounds


WBJEE 2024 Sample Papers

WBJEE 2024 Sample Papers are not available as of now. West Bengal JEE aspirants may refer to Previous Year Question Papers to get an idea of the questions that are asked in the exam. 

The past three Previous Year Question Papers are given below and old question papers of WBJEE are available on this link – WBJEE Old Question Papers. 



WBJEE 2024 Exam Pattern FAQs

Q. What is the mode of the WBJEE exam?
Ans. The authorities conduct the WBJEE in pen and paper-based mode (offline).

Q. When will the WBJEE examination be conducted in 2024?
Ans. The WBJEE 2024 exam will be conducted in April 2024.

Q. What is the total duration of the WBJEE exam?
Ans. The WBJEE exam is conducted for a total of 4 hours.

Q. What are the Categories 1, 2, and 3 of questions in WBJEE?
Ans. In Category-I and Category-II, only one answer option is correct, while in Category-III, there might be one or more answer options that are correct.

Q. I have marked only one option in a category 3 question. Will I get full marks?
Ans. In category 3, more than 1 option may or may not be right. So, the full marks will be awarded only if the candidates mark all the right answers. However, in the case of a partially correct response without any incorrect marking, this formula will be applied to calculate the score – 2 x (no of correct response) / (total number of correct options).



There are two papers in the WBJEE 2024 examination. Paper 1 includes questions from Mathematics. Paper 2 includes questions from Physics and Chemistry. Paper 1 and paper 2 include questions that are divided into three categories. They are:

Category 1: One mark questions with one correct answer

Category 2: Two mark questions with one correct answer

Category 3: Two mark questions with more than one correct answer

Candidates who appear for both papers are eligible for admission to Engineering, Technology, Architecture and Pharmacy courses. Candidates appearing only for Paper 2 will be eligible for admission to the Pharmacy course. Appearing only for Paper 1 does not make the candidate eligible for any course.


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