Waari Solar Panel Rate List 2023 | Waaree Solar Panel Price List 2023

Waaree Solar Panel

Waaree Solar Panel Price List 2023:– Waari Solar is a 28 year old company, which was started in the year 1989. it has Vaari Solar Instruments Limited Started its business with the establishment of the company. Today the company provides solar panels from 10Wp to 335Wp at the best prices to the customers. In such a situation, if you are also thinking of buying solar panels, then which company should you choose? So we can buy it from you in this article. Waaree Solar Panel Price List 2023 We will give detailed information about all the things related to solar panels like – Specifications of Vaari Solar Panel, Vaari Polycrystalline Solar Panel Price List, Vaari Monocrystalline Solar Panel Price List, Vaari Bifacial Solar Panel Price List.

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Waaree Solar Panel Price List 2023

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What are the benefits of installing solar panels?Can reduce electricity costs
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Features of Vari Solar Panel

  • Power consumption can be reduced.
  • output through Electricity possible to produce
  • Waaree Solar Panels are equipped with superior model efficiency.
  • The design of its panel is revolutionary.
  • Waaree Solar Panel is protected with anti-reflective glass coating for safety reasons
  • Things like fog, ammonia and hail do not have much effect on Waaree Solar Panel.
  • Features PID resistant with long term
  • Capable of performing better in all weather conditions.

Waari Polycrystalline Solar Panel Price List | Waree Polycrystalline Solar Panel Price List

model/wattselling priceprice per watt
waari 330w solar panelRs 825025
waari 325w solar panelRs 8125Rs 25
waari 320w solar panelRs 8000Rs 25
waari 270w solar panelRs 6750Rs 25
waari 200w solar panelRs 5000Rs 25
waari 160w solar panelRs 560030 rupees
waari 100w solar panelRs 3500Rs 35
waari 75w solar panelRs 2625Rs 35
waari 50w solar panelRs 1750 Rs 35

Waaree Monocrystalline Solar Panel Price List 2023

mono panel modelselling priceprice per watt
300 watt mono solar panelRs 8400Rs 28
315 watt mono solar panelRs 8,820Rs 28
330 watt mono solar panelRs 9,240Rs 28
380 watt mono solar panelRs 10,640Rs 28
390 watt mono solar panel10,920Rs 28
400 watt mono solar panel11,200Rs 28
420 watt mono solar panel11,760Rs 28
450 watt mono solar panel12,600Rs 28

Waaree BIFacial Solar Panel Price List

Bifacial Solar Panelselling price price per watt
BI 395 Vari Solar Panel (Unframed)Rs.12,160Rs 32
BI 380 Vari Solar Panel (Unframed)12,640Rs 32
BI 400 Vari Solar Panel (FramedRs.13,200Rs 33

FAQ’s Waaree Solar Panel Price List

Q. Why should Vari solar panels be installed?

Ans. Vaari Solar Panels are best quality solar panels with great electrical parameters. The efficiency of these solar panels is very good even in cloudy weather. Therefore, if you want to install solar panels then use Vari solar panels.

Q. What is the cost per watt of Vari solar panel?

Ans.The average price of solar panel is Rs 31 per watt. But the actual cost of a solar panel depends on its power rating. [प्राइसप्रतिवाट31रुपयेहै।लेकिनसोलरपैनलकीवास्तविकलागतउसकीपावररेटिंगपरनिर्भरकरतीहै।

Q. What is the average generation of Wari solar panels?

Ans. The actual production capacity of a solar panel depends on its capacity/model. E.g., 1KW solar system (3 solar panels of 330 watts) can generate up to 4 units per day and 2KW solar system will generate 8 units accordingly

Q. What is the capacity available in solar system?


1KW solar system

2KW solar system

3KW solar system

5KW solar system

10KW solar system

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