Vishal Mega Mart IPO, Revenue Report, Expected Date, Overview of Listing 

Recently, there’s been news of Vishal Mega Mart’s IPO in the market. According to reports, the firm will raise $1 billion from the IPO. In this article, we have discussed the highly anticipated IPO of Vishal Mega Mart.

Vishal Mega Mart IPO

According to media sources, the Vishal Mega Mart is preparing for a $1 billion initial public offering (IPO). The IPO will raise the valuation of the supermarket chain Vishal Mega Mart to $5 billion.

The objective of the IPO is expected to add more Vishal Mega Mart stores and raise the working capital of the company. 

The major stakeholders of the Vishal Mega Mart – India’s Kedaara Capital and Switzerland’s Partner Group. According to reports, each of them will sell shares in the IPO, the pre-holding shares and post-holding shares are yet to be announced.

Company Vishal Mega Mart
IPO  $1 billion or Rs 8,200 crore
Company valuation after IPO $5 billion (expected)
Major Stakeholders India’s Kedaara Capital and Switzerland’s Partner Group
IPO date To be announced

Vishal Mega Mart Revenue Report

The Vishal Mega Mart Pvt. Mtd. is an unlisted private company, located in Gurgaon, Haryana.

The authorized share capital of the Vishal Mega Mart is Rs 58,60 crore.

The current stakeholders of the company acquired the company from the previous firms India’s Shriram Group and TPG in 2028 for about $350 million. 

As of 31 December 2023, the operating revenue range of the Gurgaon Supermarket chain is over Rs 500 crore. The EBITDA of the company has hiked by 10.13% from the previous years. Key Indicators of the Vishal Mega Mart for FY 2022-2023:

Total assets Increased by 0.26%
Fixed Assets Hiked by 2.09%
Operating Revenue INR 500 crore
Net worth Hiked by 5.15%
Debt/ Equity Ratio 0.02
Return on Equity 4.69%
EBITDA Hiked by 10.13%

Currently, the Vishal Mega Mart has more than 550 stores spread across India, mainly in tier 2 and tier 3 cities. The stores offer grocery products, a wide range of latest fashion clothes, and general merchandise. 

The competition of Vishal Mega Mart is Big Bazaar, Reliance, TATA Avenue Supermarkets, etc. The company has a long and stable network that has strengthened the roots of the company. Now, the company is planning for an IPO, which is good as a publicly traded company can do better in attracting and retaining potential talent.  

Vishal Mega Mart IPO

When to expect the IPO date of Vishal Mega Mart? 

The dates of the IPO have not been revealed yet by the company. Currently, the company has invited the investment banks to pitch for the IPO this week, through the pitch, the company selects the banks for the book-running lead manager role in the IPO. 

According to the reports and the general proceedings of the IPO, we can expect the IPO to open later this year. The upcoming meeting is going to be essential for the Vishal Mega Mart IPO initiations for this year. 

Overview of Vishal Mega Mart IPO Listing

With the rapid growth of the Indian economy, various analysts and bankers expect an increase in such IPO activity in India.

The IPO plans of the Vishal Mega Mart came out when the stock market of India was trading near record highs and the benchmark of the NIFTY index accelerated to 12% in the last six months. 

According to reports, the Indian retail market is worth $840 billion now, and with time, it could be worth around $2 trillion industry in 2033.

The Vishal Mega Mart has a strong presence in the retail industry and has continued to expand its business. The company dominates the retail sector despite the presence of many players. 

The company’s strong supply chain, efficient strategic growth plan, and priority to customer satisfaction will play an essential role in the growth of the Indian retail industry. 

Analysts and bankers predict that the IPO listing of the Vishal Mega Mart will increase the company’s evaluation by up to $5 billion, which has attracted both retail investors and institutional buyers. 

Vishal Mega Mart will soon provide an exciting opportunity for investors to invest in the growing retail industry of India. With the listing of Vishal Mega Mart on BSE and NSE it is bound to show noteworthy growth in the future. 

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