UTL launches the most powerful Lithium LiFePO4 battery

UTL launches the most powerful Lithium LiFePO4 battery

By installing inverter battery at home, we continue to get electricity even in case of power failure, but for how long will we get this electricity, it depends on your battery. If you have installed a big battery, it does not mean that you will get backup for a long time. Backup for a long time It is very important to have a good battery with you to buy. If you have installed a 150Ah battery of C10 rating, then you will get more backup in it than a 150Ah battery of C20 rating.

Similarly, if you replace Lead Acid Battery with Lithium Battery, you will get even more battery backup. That is why now you have started seeing lithium batteries of many different companies in the market. Earlier in the market you used to see lithium batteries of foreign companies, but now you have also started getting lithium batteries made in India and here UTL company has also launched its lithium battery which you can install in your solar system.

UTL launches the most powerful Lithium LiFePO4 battery

In UTL company, you get Lithium batteries in many different sizes, so you can get Lithium batteries of any size as per your need, but in the Lithium batteries that they have recently launched, you can see a lot of features in it. Are going to be available and with the help of this battery you can prepare any big energy storage system.

Technical Details

Description ULIBES-51.2V100AH ​​LP100-PM
nominal voltage
Battery configuration
Rated capacity
Nominal energy (.25C @ 25°C)
16S 1P(100Ah)
5120 wh
usage application Energy Storage/Inverter
Battery operating voltage range
Continuous charging current(Amp)
Maximum charging current(Amp)
Continuous Discharging current(Amp)
Max discharge current(Amp)
46.5V~57V ±0.5mv
Operating temperature range for charging
Operating temperature range for discharge
Recommended Operating range of SOC
Communication interface(UART)
Communication interface(CAN)
Audio Alarm & LED Indication
SOC required for long period storage & transportation 30% of Rated capacity(AH)
Inbuilt Automatic Protection System
Automatic low voltage protection
Automatic over voltage protection
Automatic over charge/discharge current protection Yes
Automatic over charge/discharge temp protection Yes
Cabinet Dimension LxWxHWeight
54 (Kg)

*Design/specifications Are Subject To Change Without Prior Notice Due To Constant Improvements In Design & Technology.

Benefits of installing lithium batteries

Lithium batteries are really great, and they have a few special things that make them even better than lead acid batteries.

1.Size: Lithium batteries are much smaller than lead acid batteries. If there are four lead acid batteries in a location, you can replace them with just one lithium battery. This saves a lot of space. And if there are ten lead acid batteries, you can also replace them with just one lithium battery.

2. Weight : Lithium batteries are smaller and lighter than lead acid batteries. If you replace four lead acid batteries for one lithium battery, the lithium battery will weigh about 5 times less than the combined lead acid batteries. So, even though a lithium battery may seem heavy on its own, it is actually very light overall.

3. Fast Charging : Lithium batteries can charge much faster than lead acid batteries. Lithium batteries take only four to five hours to fully charge, while lead acid batteries take 10 hours. This means you can charge your lithium battery instantly, even if the power is only on for a short period of time.

4. Life: Lithium battery can last for about 10 years because it can be charged about 3000 times. In comparison, a lead acid battery only lasts for 5 years.

5. Maintenance Free: You have to keep adding water to a lead acid battery otherwise it will break. But in lithium batteries, you don’t need to add water at all. This means you can use it without taking care of it.

6. No Fumes: Lead acid batteries produce smelly gases when charged and in use, but lithium batteries produce no gases, so it is the safest type of battery.

How to install Lithium Battery on UTL Gamma Plus

You can also see many inverters of UTL company in the market on which you can install Lithium battery, but most of the people have the question that “How to install Lithium battery on UTL Gamma Plus”, so for this you can install Lithium battery of UTL company. You can directly apply these on water and in the inverter you just have to turn on the setting of Lithium battery in Battery Mode. So that the setting of your inverter becomes according to the battery and then you can easily convert the Lithium battery into UTL Gamma. Plus can be used on solar inverter.

UTL gamaa pluse 12v with Lithium Battery

The best selling solar inverter of UTL company is UTL Gamma Plus, but now you can also install Lithium battery on this inverter. If you want to buy this inverter with 12v Lithium battery, then you can buy their UTL Gamma+ Lion solar inverter which You get a 12v battery inside so that you will not need to install a separate battery on the inverter.

Can lithium battery be installed on UTL Gamma Plus?

Many people have this question whether they can install Lithium battery on UTL Gamma Plus solar inverter or not. So the answer is that yes, you can install Lithium battery on UTL Gamma Plus solar inverter. Their new model is Lithium battery. So if you want to install Lithium battery then buy only their new model.

Now that you understand why it is good to have a lithium battery and how much it costs, you can purchase one when you need it. If you have any more questions or thoughts about this, let me know by commenting below. Ask!

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