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List of 30+ English Suffixes with Examples

Suffixes Examples – Suffixes
are linguistic affixes attached to the end of a root word to alter its meaning or grammatical category. These small yet powerful additions play a vital role in expanding vocabulary, conveying details, and refining the precision of language. In this article, we delve into the diverse and dynamic world of suffixes, examining how they transform words across various parts of speech. This article offers a comprehensive understanding through examples of suffixes. These suffixes examples will give the students an insight into the versatility of suffixes – from altering verbs to forming adjectives, adverbs, and nouns.


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Examples of Suffixes

  • able, -ible: teachable, visible, flexible, acceptable, curable
  • al: cultural, natural, personal, political, professional, technical
  • cy: efficiency, accuracy, democracy, privacy, agency, urgency
  • dom: freedom, kingdom, wisdom, stardom
  • er, -or: teacher, actor, writer, mentor
  • ess: actress, princess, hostess, heiress
  • ful: joyful, hopeful, playful, lustful
  • ic: academic, historic, athletic, dramatic
  • ing: running, reading, singing, chanting, cheating
  • ism: optimism, socialism, feminism, positivism, nationalism, chauvinism
  • ist: artist, scientist, activist, nationalist, lyricist
  • ity, -ty: clarity, creativity, responsibility, equality, sincerity
  • ize: organize, specialize, dramatize, harmonize, legalize, recognize, sanitize, romanticize, characterize 
  • less: fearless, powerless, endless, jobless, homeless, powerless
  • logy: biology, psychology, geology, cosmetology, neurology
  • ment: development, government, excitement, movement, embibement, enlightenment, agreement
  • ness: kindness, happiness, boldness, justness, fairness
  • ous, -ious: courageous, curious, delicious, spacious, mysterious
  • ship: leadership, friendship, citizenship, kinship
  • ward, -wards: forward, afterwards, backward, towards, upward
  • y: healthy, sunny, funny, dusty, sticky
  • ate: participate, educate, collaborate, communicate, satiate
  • ive: defensive, massive, introspective, informative, conducive
  • ly: quickly, softly, beautifully, slowly, aptly, fairly, truly, sincerely, obediently
  • ish: childish, foolish, stylish, selfish, kidish 
  • ist: pianist, journalist, optimist, ophthalmologist, stylist
  • en: strengthen, lengthen, sweeten, enlighten, lighten
  • ful: helpful, colorful, playful, powerful, successful
  • ify: clarify, simplify, beautify, intensify, purify, justify
  • ion: education, information, motivation, supervision, concentration
  • ence, -ance: independence, guidance, acceptance, annoyance,


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