SSS Burial Claim – Benefits, Amount, Eligibility, Status & Required Documents 

There will be a minimum of P20,000 and a maximum of P60,000, which has been recently set, for the SSS Burial Claim. Before these updated standards were released, there was a P40,000 maximum funeral benefit

SSS Burial Claim

New rules for the SSS Funeral Benefit Program were released by the Social Security System (SSS) with the intention of increasing funeral benefits to a maximum of P60,000. October 20, 2023, was the official date when these modifications went into effect.

The legal spouse, children, parents, or anyone who has paid for the funeral costs upon the passing of a qualified SSS member, a permanent total disability pensioner, or a retirement pensioner are among the groups of people who are eligible for coverage under these amended guidelines for funeral benefits.

SSS Burial Benefit Amount 

SSS Ipil Branch Head Marnelli T. Pastorfide states that the SSS Burial Claim benefit will be a variable amount, ranging from a minimum of P20,000 to the newly established maximum of P60,000, provided that the deceased member or pensioner had faithfully contributed for a minimum of 36 monthly installments up until the month of their demise. 

How do I claim my SSS Funeral?

Applications for funeral benefits from SSS members must be submitted online via their My. SSS account at www.sss.gov.ph. Claimants who are not members may submit their claims at any SSS branch.

To claim SSS Burial Benefit:

  • Gather death certificate, claimant’s valid IDs, funeral contract, and SSS ID or E-6 acknowledgment stub.
  • Go to the nearest SSS branch to submit required documents.
  • Fill out the Funeral Claim Application Form, Affidavit of Undertaking, and Death Benefit Claim Application Form.
  • Submit forms and documents; wait for processing (check status online or visit the branch).
  • Upon approval, claim the benefit at the designated SSS branch with valid IDs and necessary documents. Use the benefit responsibly.

Who are the qualified beneficiaries of SSS?

The legitimate dependent spouse, up until the point of remarriage, dependent legitimate, legitimated, or lawfully adopted children, and illegitimate children under the age of 21 years old are the principal beneficiaries of a member.

SSS Burial Claim

SSS revises funeral benefit policies

  • The Social Security System (SSS), which is administered by the state, has updated its standards for members, beneficiaries, and other claimants seeking funeral payments.
  • For deceased members who have paid at least 36 monthly contributions up until the month of their death, the funeral benefit varies from P20,000 to P60,000.
  • The payout is set at P12,000 for members who have contributed for one month or fewer than thirty-six months.
  • Survivors of the qualifying SS member’s legal spouse, children, parents, and other family members are also eligible claimants.
  • If the dead member had no spouse, those who paid for the funeral and have documentation of that payment can also be eligible to receive the benefit.
  • Benefits include retired pensioners, permanent complete disability pensioners, and individuals who covered the cost of the burial.
  • The funeral benefit needs to be accompanied by proof of payment and is regarded as an expense reimbursement.
  • The costs associated with embalming, burial transfers and permits, funeral services, cremation or interment fees, coffin costs, cemetery or columbarium fees, and memorial insurance plan installments are all considered eligible charges.

Secure the Necessary Documents for SSS Burial Claim

Collecting the required documents is the initial step in the SSS Burial Claim process. Ensure you have the following:

  • Death certificate of the SSS member
  • Claimant’s valid identification (ID) cards
  • Funeral contract and official receipt
  • SSS ID or E-6 acknowledgment stub

How long does it take to process SSS burial?

The processing time for Funeral Benefit claims has been drastically reduced from the previous 30-day processing period to 10 working days beginning on the date that all necessary evidence is submitted.

Check the Status of Your Social Security Benefits Claim Online

Using your unique my Social Security account, you can check the status online whether you applied for Social Security benefits or if you have a pending request for a reconsideration or hearing. To view the following details regarding your claim, please create an account if you don’t already have one:

  • Date of filing.
  • Current claim location.
  • Scheduled hearing date and time.
  • Incomplete applications.
  • Servicing office location.
  • Publications that are noteworthy, based on the assertion and stage of the procedure at hand.

To find out the status of your application or appeal, sign in to your own my Social Security account.

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