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A solenoid valve is a type of control valve that uses electrical energy to control the flow of compressed air in a pneumatic system. Pneumatic systems are commonly used in various industries for tasks such as automation, fluid power, and control applications.

This valve is a crucial component in these systems as it allows for precise control of air flow, enabling the automation of various processes. This pneumatic valve is small in appearance, but it has many uses.
This valve is widely used in instrumentation in almost all industries. So today’s post is going to be very helpful for you. Today we will understand what is solenoid valve ? And, In various applications, how it is used ? for your better clarification you can also watch video in the end of the post. so stay tuned. let’s start.

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How Solenoid Valve is used in Instrumentation?

Solenoid valve is a pneumatic control valve.

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Meaning, this instrument is a valve operated by air.

Let us discuss some applications and uses of this valve in industries.

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This valve is used for on off pneumatic ball valve.

It is used for on off pneumatic butterfly valve.

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It is used for on off control valve.

And, it is also used to operate the pneumatic cylinder.

solenoid valve (control valve)
solenoid valve (control valve)

Supply and Connections of solenoid valve (control valve) .

In instrumentation, solenoid valve is also called SOV.

SOV is its short form.
Like all instruments need supply.

Similarly, supply is also required to operate sov.

The supply of sov is given to its coil.

Mostly only 2 types of supply of solenoid coil are used.

24 Volts DC supply.
220 Volts AC supply.

This valve usually has 3 air ports.

One port is for input air supply.

Which is called input port.

2 ports are for output air supply, which are called output ports.

Air tube connections

On its input port, instrument air is connected.

We will connect its output from there which is to be operated by SOV.

for example,

pneumatic cylinder.

pneumatic actuators.

How solenoid valve works ?

When the coil of SOV is not electrically supplied, then air comes out from an output port.
Is .

You will see air coming out from an output port.

And when supply is given to the coil of SOV, Then, the air supply will come from the other port.

Meaning, the air gets changed and starts coming out from the other output port.

In SOV, exhaust ports are also present.

So, air is released from there also.

SOV also has a manual button.

Even after pressing it, the air changes from one port to another.

Friends, this is also a way to check SOV without electrical supply.

How to operate Ball valve, or butterfly valve through control valve?

Suppose, we are connecting the output of SOV to the pneumatic actuator.
Now without provide electrical supply to the coil and without pressing the manual switch, we will see that,
From which output port is air coming out?

Now we will connect the output port from which air is coming out to the pneumatic actuator.

So that, the ball valve or butterfly valve closes.

Because normally, ball valve, or, butterfly valve remains closed.

Second air connection is done at other remaining port of pneumatic actuator.

Now as soon as the air reaches this port,
The ball valve, or, butterfly valve will open.

How air connections are made for pneumatic cylinders?

Usually, the pneumatic cylinder remains in closed position.

Now, the output that is coming without supply, or without pressing the manual switch,

The port from which air is coming out will be connected to the port of the pneumatic cylinder that closes it.

The 2nd air connection will be connected to the second port of the pneumatic cylinder.

Friends, till now we had discussed single coil SOV.

Double coil solenoid valve.

In this SOV, to open or close the valve, or the pneumatic cylinder, Separate coils are used.

one coil is used, To open a pneumatic cylinder or valve.

And, the second coil is used to close the pneumatic cylinder or valve.


These Pneumatic valves are widely used in industrial automation, manufacturing, and other applications where precise control of air flow is essential. They are valued for their reliability, fast response times, and ability to be easily integrated into automated systems.


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