Solar System Subsidy in Maharashtra 2024: Price and subsidy of solar system in Maharashtra

Solar System Subsidy in Maharashtra 2024:– As the population in India is increasing, the demand for energy also increases. The increasing demand for energy poses a challenge to the energy industry. So switching to solar power is an excellent way to save energy costs and reduce your overall carbon footprint. To generate electricity the sun’s rays have to be used using photovoltaic technology. Investing in rooftop solar in Maharashtra is one of the most important ways to power your homes and businesses, reduce greenhouse gases, and contribute to addressing the impacts of climate change. Here’s the good news: The Indian government has launched a Solar Roof Subsidy Scheme to help homeowners install solar systems on their rooftops at low cost.

So, if you are still thinking about going solar, now is the right time! So, through this article, let us provide you detailed information related to how to avail subsidy on setting up solar plant in Maharashtra, Maharashtra Solar Subsidy Scheme 2024, eligibility for Maharashtra Solar Subsidy Scheme 2024, price of solar system with subsidy in Maharashtra etc. So you guys read this article till the end.

Subsidy on Installing Solar Plant in Maharashtra

The Government of India is offering rooftop solar power subsidy to individual home owners and housing societies in Maharashtra and across India. As a result, good results are being seen in the state. Hundreds of homes are enjoying cost-effective energy. You can enjoy environmentally friendly and free electricity by generating electricity from the sun. You can avail Central Financial Assistance (CFA)/solar subsidy assistance of a pre-determined amount for every kilowatt of your system size under the Rooftop Solar Program phase out scheme. This program benefits only residential consumers and housing societies. Subsidy on setting up solar plant in Maharashtra depends on the solar system capacity, information about which we are presenting to you through the table below:-

Capacity of rooftop solar system Applicable subsidy (₹)
up to 3 kilowatts 18,000/kWh
Above 3kW and up to 10kW ₹9,000/kWh*
above 10 kilowatts 1,17,000**
Resident Welfare Association (RWA) / Group Housing Society (GHS) ₹9,000/- per KW for common facilities up to 500 KW at the rate of 10 KW per household, the upper limit will include individual rooftop plants already installed by individual residents in that GHS/RWA at the time of installation of RTS for normal activity.

How to Avail Maharashtra Solar Subsidy Scheme, 2024

With the launch of the Rooftop Solar Program scheme, the Government of India has made the process of obtaining subsidy quite simple and transparent for the people. Therefore, now the residents of Maharashtra will be able to get solar subsidy through a very easy process. As you know, rooftop solar panel A national portal has been launched for the scheme.

This portal will provide a lot of help to people in availing solar related benefits. Earlier residents had to apply for subsidy through their state level subsidy program and after successfully applying had to visit the discom company for deposit. Due to which this process was very long.

But currently online portal puts the control in the hands of consumers during the application process for solar plant subsidy for Maharashtra and other states. This not only speeds up the process but also provides relief from visiting local Discom companies to avail subsidy benefits.

This portal provides registered consumers the facility to view the application status at every step. This facility is available 24/7. The National Subsidy Program is also called Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) scheme in which the subsidy amount is received directly into the bank account of the beneficiary within 30 days.

Eligibility for Maharashtra Solar Subsidy Scheme 2024

  1. home made solar panels – Ensure that subsidized RTS system projects should be composed of PV modules manufactured in India using indigenously manufactured solar cells.
  2. MNRE-listed solar vendors – Eligibility for the subsidy scheme requires that you choose only from the empaneled solar vendors to install your solar system in Maharashtra and across India.
  3. on-grid solar system – On-grid solar system must be eligible to avail the benefits of Maharashtra Subsidy Scheme. You can buy only residential accommodation anywhere in Maharashtra and India on-grid Projects can avail solar system subsidies as it is without battery backup. If you add a solar battery to your Rooftop Solar System (RTS), the cost of the solar battery will be excluded from the subsidy calculation.
  1. subsidy rates – Under the simplified procedure, the subsidy rates for different system capacities are the same for beneficiaries across all states and union territories in India. The subsidy rates will be revised for every calendar year and duly notified on the national portal.

Benefits of Rooftop Solar Systems in Maharashtra

By installing rooftop solar system in Maharashtra, you will get the following benefits:-

  • Save big on bills: Installing a rooftop solar system can reduce your electricity costs by up to 90%. Over time, you can recoup the initial investment and then enjoy the savings years into the future.
  • Government Support: Will get government support to install rooftop solar system in Maharashtra. The generous subsidy from Maharashtra Energy Development Agency (MEDA) makes installing solar panels a lot easier on your expenses.
  • Become an eco-warrior: Ditch fossil fuels for solar power and fight climate change, one rooftop at a time. Every watt you generate helps reduce carbon emissions and create a cleaner future.
  • No worries about power cuts: Solar system with battery backup, will provide you relief from the worry of power cuts.

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Process for Installing Solar System in Maharashtra

If you are a resident of Maharashtra and you want to install a solar system on the rooftop of your house but you do not have information about its process, then we will give you information about the process of installing solar system in Maharashtra step by step as follows. We are providing steps by which you will be able to easily install solar system on your homes:-

  • Step 1. Registration
  • Step 2.Apply for Rooftop Solar
  • Step 3.Technical Feasibility Approval/TFR
  • Step 4.Selection of vendor and plant installation
  • Step 5.Submit installation details
  • Step 6.Inspection by Discom
  • Step 7.Project progress status
  • Step 8.Subsidy/CFA Request

By following the steps given above, you will be able to install the solar system on the rooftop of your house.

Price of a Solar System in Maharashtra with Subsidy

Talking about the estimated price of solar panels with subsidy in Maharashtra, here is how the subsidy rates are calculated and included in your final system price.

size of solar system Estimated Price Range subsidy applied prices after subsidy
1 kw solar system Rupee. 75,000 – Rs. 85,000 Rupee. 18,000 Rupee. 57,000 – Rs. 67,000
2 kw solar system Rupee. 1,50,000 – Rs. 1,70,000 Rupee. 18,000 x 2 = Rs. 36,000 Rupee. 1,14,000 – Rs. 1,34,000
3kw solar system Rupee. 1,89,000 – Rs. 2,15,000 Rupee. 18,000 x 3 = Rs. 54,000 Rupee. 1,35,000 – Rs. 1,61,000
4 kw solar system Rupee. 2,52,000 – Rs. 2,85,600 Rupee. 18,000 x 3 + Rs. 9,000 x 1 = 63,000 Rupee. 1,89,000 – Rs. 2,22,600
5 kw solar system Rupee. 3,15,000 – Rs. 3,57,000 Rupee. 18,000 x 3 + Rs. 9,000 x 2 = Rs. 72,000 Rupee. 2,43,000 – Rs. 2,85,000
10 kw solar system Rupee. 5,31,000 – Rs. 6,07,000 Rupee. 1,17,000 _ Rupee. 4,14,000 – Rs. 4,90,000

For more information and accurate quotation about solar panel prices in Maharashtra from 1kW or even up to 10kW capacity, contact an expert solar energy company.

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How to Apply for Solar Subsidy in Maharashtra?

  • First of all you have to register yourself using your mobile number and e-mail ID (https://solarrooftop.gov.in/) to activate your beneficiary account.
  • Once your account is established, you will have the user ID and password to log into your account at any time to fill the subsidy form with the desired installation and bank account details of your solar power plant. Your application will be submitted to your local DISCOM authority to evaluate the technical feasibility of your desired RTS plant and send approval based on the prevailing regulations of your state.
  • Once the DISCOM issues the technical feasibility approval, the same status will be updated on your online application also. You will also receive a notification for this in your email.
  • You now have the necessary consents to proceed with your RTS system installation. You are advised to choose only one empaneled vendor and send all relevant documents online to ensure that you retain your eligibility for subsidy benefits. The next step of RTS system installation involves a physical inspection of your solar panel site and newly installed net meter.
  • Once your residential solar plant is installed, the appointed DISCOM official will come to survey your location and the installed RTS system. Along with inspection, officials will also install and integrate net metering systems.
  • The Discom will then update all the relevant details on the online portal based on the inspection. A successful report will result in payment of your correct subsidy amount, which will now be reflected on your online subsidy application.
  • Now you can expect to receive the approved subsidy amount directly in your bank account in the next 30 days after installation.

What is net metering? What is Net Metering?,

Net metering refers to a billing system that incentivizes residential owners of solar panel systems to generate and add surplus solar electricity to the grid. Suppose, a customer has a PV system on their rooftop, they can produce more energy than the home consumes during daylight hours.

As a result, this surplus energy is sent back to the grid, thus the customer is credited for this excess electricity generated. This way, homeowners with a net metering system can sell their excess energy in exchange for credits.

How to apply for net meter in Maharashtra? How to Apply for a Net Meter in Maharashtra?

To apply for net meter in Maharashtra you need to follow these steps:-

  • First of all you guys ( Mahadiscom.in) Go to the website of.
  • Click on Consumer Portal
  • Once you are redirected to the Consumer Access Portal. Click on Quick Access.
  • Select RE Rooftop Net Metering. Apply for RE Rooftop Link.
  • After clicking on “Apply for RE Rooftop”, read all the basic guidelines before filling the form.
  • Now, fill the form carefully and submit the net metering application.


I hope that you would have liked the article written by us, in such a situation, if you have any question or suggestion related to our article, then you can come to our comment box and ask your questions, we will definitely answer your questions.

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Q. Who is eligible for subsidy?

Ans.Individuals, group housing societies, RWAs, government entities, commercial and industrial establishments fulfilling the criteria of the scheme are eligible.

Q. How can I get government subsidy?

Ans.Apply online for rooftop solar through the national portal. The subsidy is transferred directly to your bank account.

Q. Are solar subsidy rates the same for all states?

Ans.All residential consumers from different states of India are eligible to apply for subsidy through the national portal. Additionally, the fixed subsidy rates are standard for all consumers.

Q. Why does the government give subsidy on solar system?

Ans.Government of India is on a mission to produce 40 GW of solar energy from rooftop installations in residential locations. Therefore, to encourage more homeowners to switch to solar energy, the government is offering subsidies to reduce the burden of installation costs. So, make the smart decision to enjoy the Solar Panel Subsidy Maharashtra Scheme while it is still available.

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