Shekhar Kaushal Biography, Early Life, Education, Career, NET Worth 

Shekhar Kaushal is an Indian Gym trainer and CEO of the Makers fitness GYM, he came to the limelight after he married Hollywood actress Mandy Takhar.     

Shekhar Kaushal Biography

Shekhar Kaushal, a prominent figure in the fitness industry and an accomplished bodybuilder, has recently made headlines not only for his professional achievements but also for his milestones.

He has carved a niche for himself as a fitness trainer and entrepreneur earning recognition for his impressive physique and dedication to promoting health and wellness.

He married on 13th Feb 2024 following both Hindu and Sikh wedding rituals that gained broad attention, making significant moments in both their lives.

Shekhar Kaushal Early Life and Education

Shekhar Kaushal is a Sikh by religion. From childhood he lived with their parents and siblings. Shekhar Kaushal went to DAV model school regarding schooling.

He was inspired very much by Rajkumar Hirani, a famous film director. He studied hard and got admission in the University of Punjab.

Then after that Shekhar Kaushal completed his bachelor degree from this University.

Shekhar Kaushal Biography

Shekhar Kaushal Career

 He has a versatile personality known for his achievements in modelling, fitness training, bodybuilding and entrepreneurship.

At 36 years old as of 2023, Kaushal has established himself as a prominent figure within the fitness industry, with a remarkable journey marked by success and dedication.

In 2015 he rose to prominence when he clinched the title of Mr. Punjab, which showed his prowess as a bodybuilder.

Due to having interest in bodybuilding he begins training at his young age laying the foundation regarding future endeavours.  

In Feb 2024, he gained the attention of the public when tied the Knot with Mandy Takhar, a British actress called for her in Indian Cinema, specifically in Punjab, Hindi and Tamil movies.

His success as a bodybuilder and entrepreneur propelled him into the role of brand ambassador for multiple organisations further solidifying his influence within modelling and fitness sectors.

Shekhar Kaushal Wife

 Within 2009 wife of Shekhar Kaushal ventured into the category of Indian movie industry landing her debut role opposite Punjabi singer Babbu Mann in the movie “Ekam – Son of Soil”

Shekhar Kaushal is married to Many Takhar and she is one of the popular British actresses. 

They met in Shimla in 2020, where Mandy was shooting for a movie. They do not have any children yet. Mandy Takhar is a talented and popular actress who has appeared in different films like Sardaarji, Rabb Da Radio and Mirza: the Untold Story.

His wife also received different Awards like “The Punjabi Film Award and the 6th Punjabi movie and music festival”

Shekhar Kaushal NET Worth

 The net worth of Shekhar Kaushal was estimated to be $ 1 million as of 2024. He makes money from his fitness centre, which he started in 2018.

The name of his gym was The Makers Fitness Gym. He also makes money from winning the title of Mr Punjab in 2019.

He is the CEO of this Gym and he has many employees and customers. He also invests in other businesses like electronics, real estates, oil and gas and Ncell-Axiata of Nepal.  

Presently he is not only a renowned bodybuilder but also the CEO of maker fitness gym, a testament to his entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to promoting fitness and health.

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