Share Price of solar panel manufacturing company

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The most important component in the solar system is the solar panel which is used the most. The government also comes up with new schemes from time to time to install solar panels at home so that more and more people get solar panels installed at their homes. That is why, for some time now, there has been a good rise in the shares of solar panel manufacturing company.

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Although there are many companies manufacturing solar panels in India, which are manufacturing different types of solar panels, but you can see only a few companies in the stock market. If you want to know the share price of a solar panel manufacturing company, then you will find it below. A list will be given in which you will be told the price of shares of some company.

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Share Price of solar panel manufacturing company

Many different components are used to make solar panels such as Solar Cell, Solar Glass, EVA, Back Sheet, Aluminum Frame, Junction Box, Interconnector, Silicon Glue. That is why when the share price of solar panel rises. So the shares of the companies making all these components also rise. Therefore, you should know about the company making all these components.

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1.Waaree Renewables

This is the best company coming in the top list of India. Its shares have shown very good growth for some time now. In Waaree company you get almost all the products used in solar system. Shares of which company have increased by 748% in the last one year and now you will get one share for Rs 4233.

Parent Organization : Sangam Renewables Limited
Founded: 1999
Managing Director: Mr. Pooja Doshi
BSE Symbol : 534618

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Share Price – Rs. 4233 (Jan 2024)

2.Websol Energy System Limited

Websol Energy System Limited is an India-based company primarily engaged in the manufacturing of solar cells and modules. The company operates through manufacturing of Solar Photo-Voltaic Cells and Modules segment. The company’s products include Multi Crystalline 4BB PV Solar Cell, Mono Crystalline 5BB PV Solar Cell, Multi Crystalline 5BB PV Solar Cell, W2900 Mono Crystalline SPV MODULE, W2900M Multi Crystalline SPV MODULE and W2300M Multi Crystalline SPV MODULE. Are included.. Its products range from 10 watt to 350 watt, meeting the needs of rural electrification to large power plants.

Parent Organization : Websol Energy Limited
Founded: 1990
Managing Director: Mr. Sohan Agarwal

Share Price – Rs. 407 (Jan 2024)

3.Synergy Green Industries Ltd

Synergy Green Industries Limited is an India-based company engaged in foundry business. The company is engaged in the manufacturing of wind turbine castings and other large precision castings. The company also manufactures and supplies Graded Gray Iron, Spherical Graphite Iron, Steel Castings in raw and machined condition. in the company’s products

  • Main Axle
  • Hollow Shaft
  • DV-Casing
  • diffuser
  • Cone Head
  • Eccentric23
  • UpperFrame
  • Pump Casing
  • Rear Wheel
  • MainFrame
  • Valve Body
  • Pump Casing
  • Wedge
  • wall body
  • Main Bearing Housing
  • Cannon Tube
  • hub
  • Gear Box Housing
  • Main Foundation
  • Front Wheel
  • and Base Frame

Are included.

Parent Organization : Synergy Green Industries Limited
Founded: 2010
Managing Director: Mr. Sohan Shirgaokar
NSE Symbol: SGIL

Share Price – Rs. 404 (Jan 2024)

4.Adani Green Energy Limited

Adani Green Energy Limited (AGEL) is an India-based holding company. The company is engaged in renewable power generation and other supporting activities. The company develops, builds, owns, operates and maintains utility-scale grid-connected solar power, wind power, hybrid projects and solar parks.

It serves the markets like local, state and national by the company in around 91 locations across the states of India. The company’s power projects are located in Gujarat, Punjab, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. Its wind power plants are located in Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat. The Company, along with its subsidiaries, sells the power generated from these projects under a combination of long-term power purchase agreements (PPAs) and on a merchant basis.

Parent Organization : Adani Green Energy Limited
Founded : 2015
Managing Director: Mr. Vneet Jain

Share Price – Rs. 1674 (Jan 2024)

5.Urja Global

Urja Global Limited is a renewable energy developers and operator. The company is engaged in design, consultancy, integration, supply, installation, commissioning and decentralized solar applications of off-grid and grid-connected solar power plants and trading of solar products and lead acid batteries. Its products include e-rickshaws, batteries, solar inverters, LED lights, PV modules, water heaters, solar lanterns, power packs, home lighting and solar charge controllers.

Its e-rickshaws include eRickshaw Urja DLX, eRickshaw Urja Eco, Urja Kendra Leo and Urja Kendra Neo. Its batteries include solar batteries, e-rickshaw batteries, automotive batteries and inverter batteries. Its solar inverter includes sine wave inverter. Its LED lights include LED bulb, LED street light, LED flood light, LED panel light (square), LED panel light (round) and slim LED panel light. Its PV modules include Solar Panel 75Wp/12V, Solar Panel 100Wp/12V and Solar Panel 60Wp/12V.

Parent Organization : Urja Global Limited
Founded: 1992
Managing Director: Mr. Mohan Agarwal
NSE Symbol : URJA

Share Price – Rs. 40(Jan 2024)

6. Sterling and Wilson Renewable Energy Limited

Sterling & Wilson Renewable Energy Limited is an India-based global end-to-end renewable engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) solutions provider. It provides EPC services primarily for utility-scale solar power projects with a focus on project design and engineering.

Manages all aspects of project execution from concept to commissioning. The company also provides operations and maintenance (O&M) services, including projects built by third parties. Its segments include (EPC) and (O&M). Its (EPC) segment offers a full range of EPC solutions and end-to-end services.

Its EPC portfolio is approximately 14.7 GWp and operates in India, Africa, the Middle East, Australia and Latin America. Its O&M segment provides services to EPC projects and third party customers. Primarily, its clients are independent power producers (IPPs), developers and equity funds. It has a presence in 29 countries with operations in India, Southeast Asia and other countries.

Parent Organization : Sterling and Wilson Renewable Energy
Founded : 2017
Managing Director : N/A

Share Price – Rs. 600 (Jan 2024)

7. Borosil Renewables

Borosil Renewables Limited is an India-based company engaged in the manufacturing of low iron textured solar glass for use in photovoltaic panels, flat plate collectors and greenhouses. Its products, such as Selene, are an anti-glare solar glass suitable for PV installations near airports,

There is a solar glass in matte-matte finish, solar glass with low iron texture, 2 mm fully tempered solar glass, Nosbera, antimony-free solar glass, solar glass with anti-reflective coating, and solar glass with anti-soiling coating. Glass. It also makes special glasses.

The company, through its brand Borosil, manufactures a range of lab ware, scientific ware and consumer ware products. Its current solar glass manufacturing capacity is 450 tonnes per day (TPD). The company’s subsidiaries include Geosphere Glassworks GmbH, Laxman AG, GmbH Glasmanufaktur Brandenburg GmbH and Interfloat Corporation.

Parent Organization : Borosil Renewables Limited
Founded : 1962
Managing Director: Mr. Shreevar Kheruka

Share Price – Rs. 625 (Jan 2024)

8. Tata Power

Tata Power Corporation Limited is an Indian integrated power corporation. The company’s core business is power generation, transmission and distribution. The company has segments in Generation, Renewables, Transmission and Distribution and others. The Generation Division generates electricity from hydroelectric and thermal plants (coal, gas and oil) from lease-owned plants and related support services.

The renewable category generates electricity from wind and solar energy. Transmission and distribution includes transmission and distribution networks, retail electricity sales and related supporting services. Power trading is involved. Others include project management contracts/infrastructure management, property development, oil tank lease rental and satellite communications.

Parent Organization : The Tata Power Company Limited
Founded: 1919
Managing Director: Dr. Praveer Sinha

Share Price – Rs. 390 (Jan 2024)

9.WAA Solar

India-based Va Solar Ltd. generates solar energy. The company invests in SPV associates and supporting solar energy entities and builds solar energy projects. The company specializes in solar EPC. The company’s projects include 10 MW Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Grid Interactive Power Plant at Village Nayika, Taluka-Sami, District Patan, 100 KWp Solar Power Plant at Raja Bhoj Airport, Bhopal, 10.42 MW Solar PV Power Project at Koppal. Is included.

4.00 MW Solar PV Power Project at Karnataka, Mansa, Punjab, and 4.00 MW Solar PV Power Project at Vadodara, Gujarat, Madhav Solar (Vadodara Rooftop), Madhav Infracon (Vidisha Kurwai Corridor), Aspire Infracon Pvt. Ltd., and other subsidiaries.

Parent Organization WAA Solar Limited
Founded 2009
Managing Director Mr. Amit Khurana
BSE Symbol 541445

Share Price – Rs. 170(Jan 2024)

10.Gita Renewable Energy

Geeta Renewable Energy Limited is an India-based company engaged in power generation and distribution. The company has one segment: generation of electricity from non-conventional sources. The company is engaged in generating electricity from renewable resources. The company focuses on the operation and maintenance of a two megawatt (MW) solar power plant, located at Harahanapalli.

Parent Organization : Gita Renewable Energy Limited
Founded: 2010
Managing Director: NA
BSE Symbol : 539013

Share Price – Rs. 170(Jan 2024)

So these are some of the companies working related to solar system in India. Some of these companies make solar panels and some companies make the components used in solar panels. Before buying shares of any company, do research in the market and buy only with complete information. The information given here is given only for educational purpose.

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