Saudi Arabia Miss Universe Candidate- Who is she? Checkout the details!

Saudi Arabia has announced that it will be competing in the Miss Universe contest for the first time, stepping into the international arena with elegance and beauty. The 27-year-old Riyadh-born model and content producer Rumy Alqahtani has been given the privilege of presenting Saudi Arabia in the Miss Universe 2024 competition.

Saudi Arabia Miss Universe Candidate

Rumy Alqahtani, a well-known model, has been selected as Saudi Arabia’s representative for the 2024 international Miss Universe pageant. This marks the kingdom’s first-ever participation in the pageant.

Alqahtani, a native of Riyadh, has previously participated in and won beauty pageants all around the world. The 27-year-old model and influencer is rumored to have already taken home the honors of Miss Middle East, Miss Arab World Peace, Miss Saudi Arabia, and Miss Woman Saudi Arabia.

Alqahtani is going to represent the kingdom in the worldwide Miss Universe pageant, which has been held annually since 1952.

She has experience competing in pageants

Rumy Al-Qahtani has consistently been an acknowledged celebrity in her native country, despite her sudden rise to prominence abroad following her revelation that she would be competing in the Miss Universe 2024 pageant.

Al-Qahtani is the recipient of several titles, including Miss Middle East, Miss Arab World Peace, Miss Saudi Arabia, and Miss Woman (Saudi Arabia). She has also represented Saudi Arabia in international pageants, having competed as Miss Europe, Miss Planet, Miss Arab Unity, and Miss Asia.

She competed in the Malaysian Miss & Mrs Global Asian beauty contest in late January. Jessica Long of Singapore earned the title of Miss Global Asian 2024, while Dyan Shane Mag Abo of the Philippines took home the title of Mrs. Global Asian 2024.

Al-Qahtani, however, became even more well-known as a result of the competition, in which she displayed the rich cultural heritage of Saudi Arabia and traditional Saudi clothing.

Remarkably, she had almost 870,000 Instagram followers at the time. By March 2024, she had almost 30,000 followers, a sign of her growing international reputation.

Saudi Arabia Miss Universe Candidate

What does Rumy think about her appearance in Miss Universe 2024?

The announcement that her country is entering the Miss Universe 2024 pageant with her as a contender was announced on Instagram by Rumy Al-Qahtani, who currently has more than one million followers on the social media network.

She uploaded a picture of herself standing next to the Saudi flag on social media.

privileged to take part in Miss Universe 2024. “This marks Saudi Arabia’s inaugural participation in the Miss Universe competition,” the woman published in Arabic.

‘Miss Universe Saudi Arabia’ is written on Al-Qahtani’s sash and she is seen carrying a silver-colored sequin gown along with a tiara on her head in the photo.

She presents herself as an ambassador of Saudi culture

Arab News claims Rumy Al-Qahtani is 27 years old. The capital city of Riyadh is where she was born. Her career as a prominent model has taken her to many other cities and nations, such as Egypt, Algeria, Rome, Naples, Cambodia, and more.

Al-Qahtani wants to increase Saudi Arabia’s and its citizens’ visibility abroad and views herself as a cultural ambassador. My portrayal of the (typical) Saudi girl and her look, along with her beauty) that is appropriate for her as a Saudi, is the most difficult challenge, she said to Arab News.

She continued, My efforts are to spread awareness of other cultures and to preserve and authenticate Saudi traditions and customs around the world.

Personal life of Rumy Al qahtani 

As the first Saudi Arabian Miss Universe contestant, Rumy Alqahtani is a well-known ramp model and influencer who made history. Born and raised in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Rumy Alqahtani is 27 years old. 

She speaks Arabic, French, and English fluently and holds a bachelor’s degree in dentistry. She enjoys traveling and discovering new locations all around the world.Razan and Gedai Al-Qahtani are Rumy Al-Qahtani’s sisters. 

Gedai doesn’t seem to be on any social media platforms, although Razan is active on both Instagram and Snapchat.

In addition to photos of her sisters, Al-Qahtani has frequently shown her passion for travel and elegant jewelry. Her Instagram page displays Bulgari’s Diva Dreams jewelry and a Cartier Love bracelet in her belongings.

What is the Saudi aim to participate in Miss Universe?

Saudi Arabia is competing in the Miss Universe contest as part of a progressive push toward modernizing and diversifying the country’s economy in recent years. 

In addition, Saudi Arabia made news throughout the world in 2018 when it repealed the long-standing ban on women driving, which was a major turning point in the kingdom’s efforts to empower women and promote gender equality. 

This landmark ruling marked a significant shift in societal standards by granting women the opportunity to get driver’s licenses and operate a motor vehicle. Along with these improvements, Saudi Arabia has launched several programs to promote creative thinking, entrepreneurship, and cultural advancement. 

To demonstrate its potential as a center for creativity and innovation, the monarchy has made significant investments in industries including entertainment and technology. and has hosted high-profile meetings and conferences.

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