Republic Day 2024 Speech in English for Students (Short & Long)

Every year on January 26th, India celebrates Republic Day, commemorating the day the country’s constitution went into force in 1950. Take a look at the top speech ideas for Republic Day 2024 school assemblies and contests here.

Republic Day 2024 Speech in English 

India celebrates Republic Day, which falls on January 26, with immense grandeur and pride each year. This day is devoted to honouring the Constitution of Independent India, which was drafted by a committee under the direction of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar. 

India will celebrate its 75th Republic Day in 2024. Every Indian celebrates Republic Day with tremendous pride as it is a national holiday in India. 

On November 26, 1949, the Constituent Assembly enacted the Indian Constitution, marking the beginning of India’s independence. The 75th Republic Day parade is scheduled on January 26, 2024, with French President Emmanuel Macron expected to attend as the special guest. 

Happy Republic Day 2024 Short Speech in English 

For all of us in India, it is an incredibly important day today is Republic Day. The 26th of January, many years ago, saw the adoption of our nation’s Constitution, a comprehensive set of laws designed to ensure that all citizens coexist peacefully and fairly.

Republic Day serves as a day to commemorate the unique qualities of our nation and is not just about parades and flag raising. Every one of you is a distinct flower in this garden, which is India, which is like a lovely garden full of many flowers.

It’s our diverse languages, attire, cuisine, and holidays. And just as in a game where we follow the rules, our nation abides by the Constitution to ensure that everyone is treated fairly and kindly. Let’s also honour our valiant soldiers who defend our nation and keep us safe.

We can all be heroes in our own right by offering support to friends, honouring our elders, and protecting the environment. On this Republic Day, let’s pledge to be good citizens and make our nation proud. Let’s work hard in the classroom, play fair, and show kindness to one another.

Republic Day 2024 Speech

Republic Day 2024 Long Speech 

Honourable Principal Sir, Instructors and My all mates. Let me introduce myself as —. As everyone is aware, today is Republic Day, one of the most important national holidays, and that is why we are all assembled here.

I would like to start by wishing everyone a very happy Republic Day! And I want to express my gratitude to my class teacher for providing me with this wonderful chance to speak on this wonderful day. 

Every year on January 26, we in India commemorate Republic Day, which symbolises the ultimate authority of the people who live there and the right of the people to select their representatives as political leaders to point the nation in the correct way. India is a republican nation, meaning that the people elect the President and Prime Minister. 

We will never forget the commitment our freedom warriors had to our nation as they relentlessly battled the British to establish India as a free nation. On such momentous days, we ought to honour them by keeping them in our thoughts. 

As a result, upholding and respecting our nation’s system and constitution becomes our essential obligation. As I conclude my remarks here today, on this momentous day, I offer my respects and homage to those great revolutionaries.

Thank you to all for listening to me carefully, I hope you love this speech, and once again Happy Republic Day to all of you!!! 

Happy Republic Day 2024 Speech for Students 

Good morning to all of my coworkers, my respected Sir and Madam, and my esteemed Principal. I would like to express my gratitude for providing me with this wonderful chance to speak on Republic Day.

We are gathered here today to commemorate our country’s 75th Republic Day. For all of us, this is a wonderful and significant event. As we extend our greetings to one another, let us pray to God for the growth and well-being of our country. Every year on January 26, we in India commemorate Republic Day in observance of the day the Indian Constitution came into effect. 

Since the Indian constitution went into effect on January 26, 1950, we have been commemorating Republic Day of India on a regular basis since then. India is a democratic nation where the people have the right to choose the leaders who will govern the nation. India’s first president was Dr. Rajendra Prasad. 

Since gaining independence from British domination in 1947, our nation has grown significantly and is now regarded as one of the most powerful. Along with certain advancements, there have also been certain setbacks, like unemployment, poverty, corruption, illiteracy, and inequality.

In order to improve our nation and make it the finest in the world, we must commit to resolving these social issues.

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