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Political Parties Class 10 Notes Magnet Brains PDF Free Download

Political Parties Class 10 notes Magnet Brains. Political parties Class 10 Notes PDF download.

Why do we need political parties? As they are the Most visible institutions in a democracy

Evolution of political parties over the period of hundred
“A political panty is a group of people who come together to contest elections and hold power
in the government years.

Political Parties Class 10 Notes Magnet Brains

Political Parties Class 10 Notes Magnet Brains


Political Parties Class 10 notes Magnet Brains

Functions of Political parties

  • Political Parties Contest elections. → [Candidates]
  • Parties put forward different policies and programmes.
  • Parties play a decisive role in making laws for a Country. [Direction of Ponty leadership).
  • Panties form and run government → [Ministers, Prime Minister]
  • Parties play the role of opposition [keeps a check on the working of government]
  • Parties shape public opinion – [lakhs of Members] [opinions based on Party’s stand]
  • Access to government machineny and welfare Schemes.

The necessity of Political Panties??

Imagine a situation without political v→ Independent Candidates *

  • No uniform decision
  • No Major decision
  • Accountability would be limited to Constituency only
  • No one would be responsible to look after the country.

How many parties should we have?

  • Citizens | Groups are free to form political parties → More than 750 Political Panties
    → But not all are serious contenders
  • Multi – Party System → More than two parties compete for power & Coalition government is observed. NDA,UPA and Left front [India]
  • One-party system → One party is allowed to control and run the govt. [China – Communist Party]. It is not a democratic option.
  • Two-Party system – Two parties contest for election.
  • So, which of these system is best?→ No System is ideal for all countries and all situations.
  • Party System for a Country evolves over a period of time depending the
    Nature of society, its Social and religious division, its political history.

National Parties
Countrywide parties → These Parties have their units in various states → Works broadly on National lines.
→ Required to register with the election commission.
It offers Some Special facilities to large and established parties.

  • Given a unique Symbol
  • Recognized political parties.

According to this proportion of votes and seats, there were seven national parties in the country
in 2017.

Criteria for the recognized party.

6% of votes in Lok Sabha election or 6% of votes in Assembly elections in four states or Wins at least 4 Seats in Lok Sabha elections.

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