ODSP Payment Dates 2024: Eligibility & How to apply to get benefits?

The Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) helps those persons having difficulties get financial support and a job. Since the program is only supposed to be used as a last resort, you should first attempt to find work and receive money from other sources (such as the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board) before resorting to ODSP. 

ODSP Payment Dates 2024

Payments for ODSP  2024 are made on the final working day of each month. Direct bank deposit is the most efficient method of receiving ODSP payments. If you don’t have a bank account, you can either use a check or a reloadable payment card. 

Dates for ODSP payments in 2024 are:

Month Payment Date
January 2024 January 31, 2024
February 2024 February 29, 2024
March 2024 March 28, 2024
April 2024 April 30, 2024
May 2024 May 31, 2024
June 2024 June 28, 2024
July 2024 July 31, 2024
August 2024 August 30, 2024
September 2024 September 27, 2024
October 2024 October 31, 2024
November 2024 November 29, 2024
December 2024 To be disclosed 

The standard rule for ODSP Payment 2024  is that you can now earn $1000 in net income in a month before it has an impact on how much you receive from ODSP. The amount of ODSP benefits you get decreases if your monthly net earnings exceed $1000. Your income support will be reduced by 75% of your net income that is greater than $1,000.

Eligibility for ODSP Payment 2024

Your medical and financial situation will determine whether you are eligible for ODSP payment 2024. Find out what factors we consider when determining your eligibility and how much you may earn and maintain in assets while receiving ODSP. Your assets must be within the program’s permitted limitations.

payment dates

  • Age minimum of 18 years old. You may apply for the program up to six months before your 18th birthday if you are under the age of 18. 
  • Must live in Ontario. 
  • Fulfill the criteria for ODSP’s definition of a disabled person.
  • You must have the proper authorization to work in Canada in order to get employment support.

How much is the disability allowance amount?

The most often recognized ODSP Payment 2024 conditions for receiving Social Security disability payments are arthritis and other musculoskeletal system impairments. This is due to the prevalence of arthritis. More than 58 million Americans suffer from arthritis of some kind.

Caring element daily rate

  • The highest rate was £101.75.
  • The most expensive rate is £68.10,
  •  while the least expensive cost is only £29.90

A service member with no dependents and a 100% disability rating will get $3,621.95 per month in disability benefits in 2024. A veteran with no dependents and a 50% disability rating would earn $1,041.82.

ODSP Payment Benefits 2024

The payment of ODSP 2024 has hidden benefits, the living conditions and other pertinent elements are taken into account while determining the amount of ODSP payments. The applicant’s monthly payment will include the following whether they own or rent a home:

Basic requirements

  • It includes necessities such as food and clothing.
  • The sum is determined by the size of the family, the age of the individuals, and if the applicant’s spouse is disabled.

Housing Assistance

  • It includes heat, utilities, property taxes, condo fees, rent or mortgage, and house insurance.
  • The sum is determined by the real cost of housing for the family as a whole.
Benefit Unit Basic Needs Maximum Shelter Total ODSP
Single $706 $522 $1,228
Single parent + 1 child $849 $821 $1,738
Single parent + 2 children $849 $889 $1,738
Couple $1,018 $821 $1,839
Couple – 1 child $1,018 $889 $1,907
The couple – 2 children $1,018 $964 $1,982

 Supper and Accommodation

  • If a person lives with their parents, who also provide meals for them, OR if their landlord provides food for them, they are in this circumstance.
  • The amount is determined by the size of the family and the ages of the members.

How To Apply for ODSP 2024 

There are 5 steps in the ODSP payment 2024 application process:

  • For yourself and your family, fill out a few personal details, such as your income and spending.  
  • Within 15 business days, the ODSP office nearest to you will get in touch with you to arrange an intake interview. 
  • To examine your application, meet with your caseworker: If no extra paperwork is required, they will inform you of your eligibility for ODSP within an additional 15 working days.
  • Send in your DDP, or disability determination package: You will get the DDP if the office decides you are financially qualified for ODSP. 
  • If you are qualified, they will explain when to anticipate payments and assist you in developing a strategy.

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