Odisha NUA-O Scholarship – Benefits, Eligibility, How to apply online?

The Odisha government has chosen to launch the Odisha NUA-O Scholarship for undergraduate and graduate students in advance of the next Lok Sabha and assembly elections. The male students would earn Rs 9,000 under the program, while female students would receive Rs 10,000.

Odisha NUA-O Scholarship

For undergraduate and graduate students, the Odisha government has decided to launch the Odisha NUA-O Scholarship ahead of the next Lok Sabha and assembly elections. Male and female students would each earn Rs 9,000 and Rs 10,000 yearly under the scheme.

Female students in the categories would earn Rs 11,000 yearly, while male students from Nirman Shramik (construction worker) and SC/ST households would receive Rs 10,000. He said that providing youngsters with chances for ongoing skill development, reskilling, and upskilling is the goal of the Nutana Unnata Abhilasha (NUA) Odisha project.

Speaker addressing students at the ‘Nu-O festival’ in Jajpur on Tuesday, V K Pandian, the chairwoman of the Nabin Odisha scheme and 5T (transformational initiative), said that the decision about this matter was made the day before at a cabinet meeting presided over by Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik. 

Nua-O Scholarship Benefits 

The targeted recipients’ bank accounts will receive the scholarship funds for the current school year between February 20 and February 25, 2024, according to the administration. The Odisha government anticipates that 32,000 postgraduate students and over 4.5 lakh undergraduate students would benefit from this award.

Scholarship Nua-O Scholarship (Post-matric scholarship)
Scheme Under Nutana Unnata Abhilasha
Department Higher Education Department, Government of Odisha
Online application Starting Date 20th February 2024
The last Date to apply March 2024
Male students Rs 9000/-
Female students Rs 10,000/-
SC/ST and construction workers families male students Rs 10,000/-
SC/ST and construction workers families female students Rs 11,000/-

According to CM Naveen Patnaik’s decision, female students would get Rs 10,000 per year under this scholarship, while male students would receive Rs 9,000. While female students in a comparable group will earn Rs 11,000, men students from Nirman Shramik and SC/ST households will receive Rs 10,000.

Odisha NUA-O Scholarship

How to Apply for the Nua-O Scholarship?

Use the procedures outlined below to submit an online application for the NUA-O Scholarship 2024 Registration.

  • Visit the Odisha NUA-O Scholarship Official Website, which will soon be updated.
  • Look for the Odisha NUA-O Scholarship 2024 Latest Update on the homepage now.
  • Next, choose the Apply Online option.
  • A new page with an application form will now open.
  • Correctly enter all of the requested information.
  • Once the papers have been scanned, upload them in the required format.
  • Lastly, press the submit button.
  • To use later, save the application form in PDF format.

NUA-O Scholarship 2024 Eligibility

Given that the scholarship is offered via the Odisha government’s NUA plan, it is anticipated to benefit all 30 districts of the state, with a focus on the aspirational, isolated, and tribal areas.

  • Students must be Odisha State citizens for life.
  • The scholarship will only be awarded to candidates who fall under the Minority category and those who are financially fragile.
  • The applicant’s yearly salary cannot be more than Rs 1 lakh.
  • The program will not be open to applicants whose parents pay taxes or are employed by the government.
  • A UG or PG degree from an accredited university is required.

Required Documents for NUA-O Scholarship 2024 

To apply online for the scholarship, candidates must have original, accurate copies of the following papers.

  • Applicants Aadhar Card
  • Domicile certificate
  • UG/PG degree
  • Account number
  • Income Certificate
  • PAN Card
  • E-Attestation Numbers
  • Previous Year Marksheet
  • Mobile number
  • Caste Certificate

The objective of NUA-O Scholarship Odisha

The primary goal of NUA-O Scholarship Odisha is to provide Odisha students enrolled in undergraduate or graduate programs with financial opportunities. Without financial assistance, the students will not be able to pay for their expenditures. 

Many skilled or worthy pupils will be inspired or motivated to further their expertise. A scholarship will be awarded to the chosen students for the length of their course study.

  • Many students are very driven to succeed in their studies, yet economically disadvantaged pupils are unable to pay the ever-increasing cost of tuition. 
  • This will inspire a great deal of gifted youngsters to follow their passions and bring pride to their families.

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