OAS Increase 2024 – What will be the Increase in OAS?

The Canadian government manages several important pension programs, one of which is Old Age Security. In 2024, the OAS Clawback maximum is probably going to rise from $86,912 to $90,997. This base is $168,600 for profits in 2024.

OAS Increase 2024

Old Age Security is one of the main retirement programs in Canada. If a person meets the residency requirements, they can begin receiving OAS Payments in 2023 after they turn 65. 

The OAS for 2024 is a popular senior pension in Canada, providing retirement income to millions of Canadians through income, employer-provided pensions, and personal savings. Seniors were intended to receive a basic income under the scheme. 

The amount is going to grow from CAD 66,600 to CAD 68500 on January 1, 2024. The OAS is tracked by the CPI, and the Consumer Price Index is used to calculate inflation.

From CAD 86912 to CAD 90997, the OAS Clawback limit has been increased. 11.9% will be the employee earnings rate and 5.95% will be the employer earnings rate.

OAS Payment 2024 Dates

The OAS Payment for January 2024 will be sent by January 28th, 2024. Each month’s last week, the government credits the funds. Prior trends indicated that payments were made to beneficiaries on the 27th of each month.

The beneficiaries will receive a CAD 68500 OAS Payment Increase in January 2024.

The benefit will be instantly deposited to the beneficiaries’ bank accounts, and the OAS Clawback amount will also increase.

Month 2024 Payment Date 
January  28 January 2024
February 27 February 2024
March 26 March 2024
April 26 April 2024
May  29 May 2024
June  26 June 2024
July 29 July 2024
August  28 August 2024
September  25 September 2024
October  29 October 2024
November  27 November 2024
December  20 December 2024

How does the Old Age Security work in Canada?

Upon turning 18, Old Age Security (OAS) beneficiaries are eligible for a full or partial pension, which is determined by their age, income, and length of stay in Canada. 

A minimum of 40 years of residence in Canada is required for full pensions, whereas 10 or 20 years are needed for half pensions. Annual reviews and taxes apply to OAS payouts. 

A 10% increase in monthly benefits has been granted to OAS beneficiaries over 75 since July 2022. The maximum monthly payout for those aged 65 to 74 was $707.68, and for those aged 75 and above, it was $778.45, from October to December of 2023.

OAS Increase

Benefits of OAS Pension

The OAS Pension 2024 benefits are listed below.

  • The beneficiary payments range in value from CAD 66,600 to CAD 68500.
  • Under the pension plan, one might achieve financial stability, which aids in supporting themselves.
  • When a person turns 75 years old, the amount of their pension is increased.
  • Annual reviews of the OAS payment amount are conducted by the government to account for inflation.

OAS Pension Eligibility

Individuals must fulfil certain requirements to be eligible for the Old Age Security Pension. These requirements differ slightly based on whether you live in Canada or elsewhere.

  • A minimum of 65 years of age is required.
  • You must have lived in Canada for at least ten years since the age of eighteen and be a lawful resident at the time of your pension application.
  • The OAS pension is available to both permanent residents and citizens of Canada.
  • After turning 18, you had to have resided in Canada for at least 20 years.
  • Citizenship or previous residency: By international social security accords, certain residents and citizens of Canada may be qualified.

When and how will I be Registered for Old Age Security?

An OAS letter, stating one’s eligibility and that benefits will begin upon turning 65, is sometimes received by individuals. Filling out an application is possible if you believe you qualify but didn’t receive a letter.

Online or by phone 1-800-277-9914, you can obtain the application. A Service Canada office could also be able to provide you with one. Instead, if you already have a My Service Canada Account (MSCA), you can apply online. 

You can create an account if you don’t already have one with MSCA. After completing your registration, you will receive a personal access code. You can complete your application with the assistance of a government guide. After completing the application, send it by mail to Service Canada.

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