NSW Family Energy Rebate – Eligibility, Amount and how to apply?

The Family Energy Rebate is a one-off annual payment that helps eligible households cover the cost of their electricity bills. It provides a credit of up to $180 directly to the energy account, offering some welcome relief during these challenging times.

NSW Family Energy Rebate

The NSW Family Energy Rebate is a government initiative that helps families with dependent children pay their electricity bills. 

The rebate provides up to $180 per retail (on-market) household, per financial year. Customers who hold a DHS Concession Card or Health Care Card may be eligible for a higher rebate of up to $285 per year. 

Applications for the 2023-24 NSW Family Energy Rebate will close on 30 June 2024.


NSW Family Energy Rebate Eligibility

To be eligible for the NSW Family Energy Rebate in the 2023-24 financial year, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a resident of New South Wales.
  • Be the account holder of an energy retailer. This means your name must be on the electricity bill for your primary place of residence.
  • Have received the Family Tax Benefit (FTB) for the previous financial year (2022-23).
  • Your entitlement to the FTB payments must have been finalised by Centrelink.
  • The person in your household who is registered as the FTB recipient must lodge the application. This is typically the person who receives correspondence about FTB from Services Australia.

NSW Family Energy Rebate

How to apply for the NSW Family Energy Rebate?

Steps to apply are as follows:

  • Head to the Service NSW website:
  • Choose the box labelled “Apply for the Family Energy Rebate (Retail Customers)”.
  • You’ll be redirected to a secure online form.
  • Make sure you have the following information ready:
    • Your electricity account number
    • Your Centrelink customer reference number (CRN) for the FTB recipient
    • The date you received your last FTB payment
  • Follow the instructions and complete the form carefully.
  • Once you’ve submitted your application, you’ll receive a confirmation email.

NSW Family Energy Rebate Amount 

The amount you receive through the NSW Family Energy Rebate depends on two factors:

Whether you hold a concession card:

  • Non-concession card holders: Up to $180.
  • Concession card holders: Up to $20 on top of any other energy rebates you may be eligible for.

Your living situation:

  • Retail (on-market) customers: Receive the rebate as a lump-sum payment of $180 (or $20 for concession card holders) credited to your energy bill.
  • On-supply (embedded network) customers: Receive the rebate as a lump-sum payment of $198 (or $22 for concession card holders). 
  • Additionally, eligible on-supply customers may also receive a one-off National Energy Bill Relief Household Payment of up to $500 in the 2023-24 financial year.

Important Dates to Remember for the NSW Family Energy Rebate

Important dates to remember for the NSW Family Energy Rebate:

  • Application deadline: 30 June 2024. Make sure to submit your application before this date to be eligible for the rebate.
  • Eligibility confirmation: Your Family Tax Benefit (FTB) entitlement for the previous financial year (2022-23)must be finalised by Centrelink. This typically happens in July or August.
  • Processing timeframe: Once you submit your application, it may take several weeks for Service NSW to process it and credit the rebate to your energy account. Be patient and wait for confirmation from Service NSW.
  • Energy Bill Relief Payment: Applications for the one-off Energy Bill Relief Payment of up to $500 have already started in November 2023. This payment is available to all eligible NSW households, regardless of whether they have dependent children or not.

What is the NSW Family Energy Rebate can be used for?

The NSW Family Energy Rebate is specifically designed to offset the costs of your electricity bills, not for any other expenses. This means you can use the rebate to:

  • Pay down your existing electricity bill:This can provide much-needed relief,especially during colder or warmer months when energy use might be higher.
  • Cover future electricity bills: You can choose to save the rebate amount and apply it towards your upcoming energy bills.
  • Reduce your overall budget: Using the rebate to ease the burden of energy costs can free up other resources in your household budget for other essential needs.
  • It’s important to note that the rebate itself cannot be used for anything other than paying electricity bills.

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