New York State Refund Status – Who to track Return Filing online?

The New York State Department of Taxation and Finance website allows you to adhere to the progress of your refund. The state will need certain information, including the exact quantity of your anticipated return, your social security number, and your tax year. 

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New York State Refund Status 

Your tax return will go through several processing stages once it is submitted. Every return is unique. Simpler returns will process more quickly, but those that ask for specific credits which make them a prime target for fraud will probably need to be reviewed further by one or more department review systems. 

To get an explanation of your return and refund status, select the type of interaction that you received. You can find out the exact steps to verify the status of your New York tax refund online in this post. 

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When your refund status changes, the automated phone system, the online Check Your Refund Status tool, and the contact center agents’ account information will automatically update your return status with new information.

How to Check the Status of New York State Refund?

The following actions must be taken to view status information:

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  • Visit the official website tax.ny.gov/.
  • Click the button labelled “Check Refund Status.”
  • Enter the security code on the next page, then select “Continue.”
  • Enter your Social Security number, tax refund amount, filed form, and tax year on the “Tax Refund Status” tab. 
  • Then press “Continue.”
  • By configuring an option, you can decide to get alerts, such as an email message when your refund is processed. 

Why is the option to check the status of your refund not functioning for me?

It’s possible that you typed the incorrect refund amount or Social Security number. You will not be able to check the progress of your refund for 24 hours after four attempts made with incorrect information.

New York State Refund Status 

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Contact your bank to find out the status of any payments you made. It is not possible to verify the status of a payment using “check Your Refund Status”.

When will I Receive My New York State Refund? 

The majority of refunds in New York State are often processed in less than 21 days. In the event that you qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit, your refund should become available on February 27. Please be aware, nevertheless, that processing timeframes may differ depending on certain situations.

E-filed Returns

The processing of your refund may take up to 3 weeks if you submit your return online.

Mailed/Paper Returns

Processing returns that are submitted on paper and mailed might take a maximum of 4 weeks. 

Additional Review

Processing times can be affected by the necessity for further inspection of some results in the event that manual verification or more data is required.


Refunds for returns done electronically can arrive up to two weeks sooner than for those filed on paper, and they are typically more accurate.

Keep in mind that every return is different, and the timeframe may be impacted by things like verified requirements and claimed credits. Use the “Check Your Refund Status” option on the official New York State tax website to find out the status of your return. 

Why is my New York State refund for New York taking so long?

You may wonder why the New York State tax refund is taking so long to process. Several factors might affect the date of your refund delay. Here, we’ve listed the typical causes below.

  • This is the typical reason behind your delayed refund. Incomplete data entry causes the tax refund to be late. Accurate addition of data is required, including Social Security numbers of dependents and other data.
  • Human mistake or a computer issue might be the cause of the New York Tax Refund Delay. Computation mistakes can sometimes happen and result in delays in tax returns. 
  • Maths computations can lead to errors and prolong the time it takes to get a tax refund. Tax preparation software, like TurboTax, helps prevent calculating mistakes by automatically verifying the results.
  • The primary factor that contributes to the delay in your tax refund is inaccurate deposit information. Therefore, the inaccurate and unnecessary details lead to serious issues.
  • You completed your return using several form types.It can cause a long-term delay in your New York State refund. 
  • The most frequent mistakes are made during the online procedure, and many blunders are caused by mismatched identities or Social Security numbers. These inconsistencies can cause inquiries or missing information to greatly delay the return process. 
  • Certain returns may be delayed by tax fraud and mistake measures.

To put it briefly, the main mistakes that cause the tax refund to be delayed include missing information, inaccurate deposit information, internet mistakes, and more. 

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