National Science Day 2024 Date, Theme, Shortly and Long Speech, Wishes 

On every 28th of February, the nation celebrates National Science Day with a new theme to popularize science and technology. Here’s what you need to know about the 2024 National Science Day theme, speech, and all.

National Science Day 2024

In India, every year we celebrate National Science Day on 28 February to mark the discovery of the Raman Effect (inelastic scattering of photons by matter) by Sir C.V. Raman. 

Raman Effect discovery has revolutionized the understanding of light interaction with matter. Sir C.V. Raman got the Nobel Prize for his discovery of light-matter interactions.

Since 1987, National Science Day has been observed on this day to celebrate and promote science’s role in our lives. In 1986, the NCSTC proposed the government of India declare 28 February as National Science Day.

Event  National Science Day
Date 28 February
Started on  28 February 1987
Started by  National Council for Science and Technology Communication 
Celebrate  Discovery of the Raman Effect 

The event is celebrated at schools, universities, and research & scientific institutes to spread the message of the importance of science in our lives. On Science Day, we also highlight the innovation and the various achievements in the area of Science and Communication in India.

National Science Day 2024 Theme 

Every year, we celebrate National Science Day with a new theme to promote a special message. The theme of 2024 for the National Science Day, launched by Union Minister Dr. Jitendra Singh, is “Indigenous Technology for Viksit Bharat.” The major focus of the 2024 National Science Day Theme:

  • The theme focuses on the promotion of science and technology among the public and enhances their practical thinking of Science and technology. 
  • The theme celebrates the home-based technologies of India and highlights their achievement and requirements in the development of the nation. It promotes Independent India.
  • The theme insists on the collaboration of the public and scientific community and urges both the Indian and international science fraternity to work together for the welfare of the people and humanity.

National Science Day

National Science Day 2024 speech

Students who are preparing to deliver a speech on National Science Day can take some inspiration from the following Speech ideas:

Short Speech for Students:

  • Greetings Everyone, Today, we are gathered around to celebrate the wonders of Science and our scientists who are doing their bit to make our lives better with new scientific innovations. Today, I want to request all of you to ask questions, explore, and discover the science around you. Let science take you to a world where everything is extraordinary.
  • Respected Teachers, and dear friends, today is National Science Day. Let’s celebrate the spirit of science by illuminating the scientists within us. And by scientist I mean let’s explore the unknown and have that passion to learn new things and work for the welfare of humanity.

Long Speeches

  • Good Morning dear friends and teachers, National Science Day is here to remind us about the great scientific advancement of our country, Sir C.V. Raman Raman’s Effects that got him a Nobel prize.
  • Science isn’t just a subject, it’s a phenomenon around us. Science is an endless adventure that never ends, there is always something that will keep you alive and excited throughout your life.
  • On this day, when we celebrate our scientists, let’s promise ourselves to practically think about the role of science in our lives. Let’s appreciate the scientists and their efforts and promise to embrace science. 
  • Ask questions, and be curious about things happening around you, as you never know someday we will see some of your innovations. 
  • Respected teachers and dear friends, What do you think about Science? Is it a subject or the things happening around us? Today, on the occasion of National Science Day, let’s ask this question to ourselves. The theme of 2024 National Science Day is “Indigenous Technology for Viksit Bharat.” 
  • This year we celebrate and promote the indigenous technologies that have contributed to the development of our nation and made us proud on the international level. 
  • We are moving towards the artificial intelligence era, this is the time to get yourself closer to science and experience the magic of science and technology. Let’s focus on science and solve the key problems in the world to take India forward on the global platform.

National Science Day 2024 Wishes

  • Rise and shine, see the sun, and explore the science around us. Wish you the scientific National Science Day.
  • Happy National Science Day! Let’s innovate and research and take India to a global platform.
  • Let’s learn and explore more scientific phenomena and technology around us. Happy National Science Day!
  • Science isn’t just a subject, it has the power to change the world. Happy National Science Day!

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