Mridang Class 2 English Worksheet Chapter 9 My Name

Students enjoy working on Mridang Class 2 English Worksheets Chapter 9 My Name as they make learning fun and interactive.

NCERT Class 2 English Mridang Worksheet Chapter 9 My Name

Name means a common way to identify oneself.

Let us Speak

1. What does the name fly mean’?
2. How did a little fly get its name?
3. What happens when you forget your name?

Let us Listen

Match the animals with their sounds.

Animals — Sound
Crow — Buzz
Bee — Quack
Duck — Meow
Cat — Caw
Lion — Chirp
Sparrow — Bark
Dog — Roar

Let us Write 

Read the stories and answer the following questions:

1. Fill in the blanks:

(a) My name is ________
(b) The ______ the get his name.
(c) Seeing the leaf ______ the fly remembered his name.
(d) The cow said. ‘I alone know. You may ask the fallen ______ on me.

2. Who fore this name?
3. How did the fly knows his name!

Let us Speak

A. Look at the pictures. Read the words below each picture.

B. Write sentences using the words given above. One has been done for you.
1. Ajay flies a flag.
2. …………………….
3. …………………….

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