Mridang Class 2 English Worksheet Chapter 13 We Are All Indians

Students enjoy working on Mridang Class 2 English Worksheets Chapter 13 We Are All Indians as they make learning fun and interactive.

NCERT Class 2 English Mridang Worksheet Chapter 13 We Are All Indians

Let us Write

A. Identify the famous monuments of our country.

B. Fill in the blanks.

(a) India is the___________ largest country in the world. (seventh/eighth)
(b) People of India are called ______(Citizen/Indian)
(c) _______is the capital of India. (New Delhi/Maharashtra)
(d) India has _______states. (28/32)
(e) There are _______Union territories in our country. (7/8)

Let us Write

A. Rearrange the jumbled letters. The answers will be the names of languages.

1. GNIELHS …………..
2. ELUTGU …………..
3. INHDI …………..
4. RUUD …………..
5. NPUJABI …………..

B. Rearrange the jumbled letters. The answers will be the names of states of India.

1. MIUAMB …………..
2. ARBJH …………..
3. OAG …………..
4. DIELH …………..
5. CAATLTCU …………..

Let us

Fill in the blanks:

Let us Speak

Answer the following questions.

1. How do I introduce myself to my class?
2. What do you do when you scat in the classroom?

What do you say when:

1. You hurt someone by mistake.
2. You need a pencil and your friend gives you a pencil.
3. You want to visit the washroom.

Choose a partner. Ask one another the following questions and reply accordingly.

1. Which is your favorite dish?
2. What language do you speak?

Let us Draw

Draw one thing that you like most in your home or in your school.

Let us Speak

Look at the pictures. Read the words below each picture.

Let us Write

Now make sentences using the above set of words.

Let us Write

1. Which festival do you like to celebrate at home? Give reason.
2. What is your favourite festival?
3. Why do you like Hou festival?
4. What do you call people who live in India?
5. What is the other name of India?
6. How do you enjoy Diwali festival?

Combine the two sentences using the conjunction ‘but’.

For example:
I like cakes. I hate strawberry.
I like cakes but I hate strawberry.

1. We can read. We cannot talk.

2. Vinay loves ice cream. Pooja loves pizza.

3. I like biscuits.
I don’t like chocolate.

4. My brother is young.
He is very weak.

5. I like milk. I hate sweets

Mahatma Gandi

Read the facts about Mahatma Gandhi below and till in the missing words from the help hot.

1. The real________ of Mahatma Gandhi is Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi,
2. Mohandas Gandhi was __________ on 2 October, 1869 in Porbandar. India.
3. His parents wanted him to become a which is a type of lawyer.
4. He returned to India three years later and started his own law practice, but it wasn’t .
5. Mohandas moved to South ___________ to work out of the South African law office.
6. After many ____ and repeated boycotts, the British agreed to leave India. making it independent.
7. Gandhi is known as the ___________ of the Nation’ in India.
8. Gandhi was shot and killed on January 30______

Matching Game


A. Match the following:

1. The festival of colours

2. The festival of lights

3. The festival of the victory of good over evil.

B. Match the following:

1. Independence day — 2nd October
2. Republic day — 15th August
3. Gandhi Jayanti — 26th January

Writing Activity

Look at the chart. Then, drag and drop to complete the paragraph:

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