Mridang Class 2 English Worksheet Chapter 10 The Crow

Students enjoy working on Mridang Class 2 English Worksheets Chapter 10 The Crow as they make learning fun and interactive.

NCERT Class 2 English Mridang Worksheet Chapter 10 The Crow

A crow is a relatively common bird and is seen any where and everywhere. It’s a large black bird that caws a lot and has a large, powerful black beak.

Let Us Speak

1. What is the colour of a crow?
2. Which birds do you see around you?
3. What do you like about the crow?

Let us Write

Identify the birds. Write their names in the space provided.

Let us Think

Parts of a Crow

Now draw your favourite bird in the box given below and write its name in the given blank.

My favourite bird is _____________

Let us Listen

Listen and say the following words:
beau ti ful — beautiful
pea cock — peacock
co lour ful — colourful
a no ther — another
fea ther — feather

Let us Writes

Make the sentences using one word from each box. Write the sentences in the blanks given below:


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