Mridang Class 2 English Solutions Chapter 5 Come Back Soon

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NCERT Class 2 English Mridang Solutions Chapter 5 Come Back Soon

Let us speak :

Question 1.
Have you ever travelled by a bus or a train?
Yes, I have travelled by bus and train.

Question 2.
Where did you go?
I went to Ujjain.

Question 3.
What did you eat on the way?
I had eaten Paratha and curd.

Question 4.
What did you see from the window?
I saw farms, trees and hotels from the window.

Question 5.
Who else went with you?
My family went with me.

Question 6.
Did you have fun? Share it with the class.
Yes, I had lot of fun there. Share your experience in the class.

Let us listen :

A. Listen to your teacher and read out a poem.

Students, listen the poem your teacher is reciting from the Textbook, page 39 .

Let us draw :

A. Draw the vehicle that you like the most.

Students draw the vehicle which you like the most yourself.

Let us write :

Make a List :

Sort out the different means of transport given in the boxes depending on the surface they move on. The first one has been done for you.


Do it yourself.

Let us speak :

Vowel Sound ‘u’

Read the words below each picture.

Students read yourself.

Mridang Class 2 English Chapter 5 Come Back Soon Summary

Mridang Class 2 Chapter 5 Come Back Soon Summary in English

In this poem, poet wants to say that wherever you go by bus, taxi, train, boat, plane or rocket, just be sure to come back soon.

Mridang Class 2 Chapter 5 Come Back Soon Summary in Hindi

इस कविता में कवि कहना चाहता है कि तुम चाहे जहाँ भी जाना बस, ट्रेन, टैक्सी, नाव, जहाज या रॉकेट से, पर जल्दी लौटकर आना।

Mridang Class 2 Chapter 5 Come Back Soon Word Meanings

Words Meanings in English Meanings in Hindi
Train Pages 37-38 a type of transport that is pulled by an engine along a railway line रेलगाड़ी
Boat a small vehicle that is used for travelling across water नाव
Plane a vehicle that can fly through the air हवाई जहाज
Taxi a car with a driver टैक्सी
Rocket a vehicle that can travel in space अंतरिक्षयान

Mridang Class 2 Chapter 5 Come Back Soon Hindi Translation

Take a bus
Or take a train
Take a boat
Or take a plane

Take a taxi
Take a car
Maybe near
Or maybe far

Take a rocket
To the Moon
But be sure
To come back soon


बस से जाओ
या ट्रेन से
या नाव से जाओ
या हवाई जहाज से

टेक्सी से जाओ
या कार से
पास जाना हो
या चाहे दूर

रॉकेट से जाओ
चाहे चाँद पर
पर ध्यान रहे
जल्दी वापस आना

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