Mridang Class 2 English Solutions Chapter 13 We Are All Indians

We have compiled the Mridang Class 2 Solutions Chapter 13 We Are All Indians textbook exercises and questions comprehensively to help students practice and prepare for exams effectively.

NCERT Class 2 English Mridang Solutions Chapter 13 We Are All Indians

Let us speak :

A. What do you say when:

Question 1.
You want to enter the classroom.
May I come in!

Question 2.
You want to visit the washroom.
May I go to washroom?

Question 3.
You want to borrow a book from your friend.
Can I borrow a book from you?

Question 4.
You hurt someone by mistake.

Question 5.
You need a pencil and your friend gives you a pencil.
Thank you!

B. Choose a partner. Ask one another the following questions and reply accordingly.

Question 6.
What language do you speak?
Student do it yourself.

Question 7.
Can you speak more than one language?
Student do it yourself.

Question 8.
Which is your favourite dish?
Student do it yourself.

Question 9.
Which is your favourite tree?
Student do it yourself.

Let us draw :

A. Draw one thing that you like most in your home.

Students, draw the thing that you like the most in your home.

Let us speak :

Students, practice yourself to speak above words.

Let us listen :

Frame sentences using the above set of words given on the previous page. One has been done for you.


  • It was a bright sunny day. My brother went to buy bread.
  • He crossed the bridge to reach the shop.
  • He bought brown bread and a frock for me.
  • He got our photo framed.
  • He saw a frog while coming back home.

Let us write :

A. Discuss with your teacher and answer the following questions.

Question 1.
What do we call the people who live in India?

Question 2.
Name the festival of colours.

Question 3.
Which festival do you like the most? Why?
Students, tell the festival that like you the most and discuss the reason with your teacher. __________________

B. Rearrange the jumbled letters. The answers will be the names of languages.

  1. INHDI – _________
  2. GNIELHS – _________
  3. RUUD – _________
  4. ELUTGU – _________


  1. INHDI – Hindi
  2. GNIELHS – English
  3. RUUD – Urdu
  4. ELUTGU – Telugu

C. Join the given sentences using ‘but’.

For example:
Sentence 1: I like to eat mangoes.
Sentence 2: I don’t like to eat apples.
I like to eat mangoes but I don’t like to eat apples.

Now write answers for the given sentences in the same way.

Sentence 1: I like milk.
Sentence 2: I don’t like tea.
Llike milk but I don’t like tea.

Sentence 1: My grandfather is old.
Sentence 2: He is strong.
My grandfather is old but he is strong.

Sentence 1: I wanted to go out.
Sentence 2: I was too tired.
I wanted to go out but I was too tired.

Something New :

Match the fruits to the tree they grow on.


Mridang Class 2 English Chapter 13 We Are All Indians Summary

Mridang Class 2 Chapter 13 We Are All Indians Summary in English

In this chapter, the children come from different cultures and different states but they all are Indians. The author encourages Indians especially youth to rise above regional prejudices through this lesson.

Mridang Class 2 Chapter 13 We Are All Indians Summary in Hindi

इस पाठ में जो बच्चे हैं वे सभी अलग-अलग संस्कृतियों और अलग-अलग राज्यों से हैं परंतु सभी भारतीय हैं। इस पाठ के माध्यम से लेखक खासकर युवाओं को प्रेरणा देता है कि वे क्षेत्रवाद से ऊपर उठकर एक समान होकर रहें।

Mridang Class 2 Chapter 13 We Are All Indians Word Meanings

Words Meanings in English Meanings in Hindi
Festival Pages 91-97 a day to celebrate religious event त्योहार
Puppet a model of a person कठपुतली
Travel to go from one place to another यात्रा
Painting a picture that somebody has painted चित्र
Neighbour a person who lives near you पड़ोसी
Fingerprints the mark made by the skin of finger उँगली की छाप

Mridang Class 2 Chapter 13 We Are All Indians Hindi Translation

My name is Meenakshi.
I come from Tamil Nadu.
I speak Tamil.
My favourite festival is Pongal.

I am Ramu.
I come from Gujarat.
I speak Gujarati.
I like to dance the Garba.
I am seven years old.

My name is Gulabo.
I come from Rajasthan.
I like wearing colourful clothes.
I enjoy seeing puppet shows.
I travel by camel.

I am Badal.
I come from Bengal.
I speak Bengali.
I like painting and music.
I study at Santiniketan.

I am Surinder.
I come from Punjab.
I speak Punjabi.
My neighbour Mallika
likes to do Bhangra.

I am Vibha.
I come from Maharashtra.
I speak Marathi.
Once I visited Ellora and
Ajanta caves.

I am Neerja.
I come from Uttar Pradesh.
I have seen the Taj Mahal.

My name is Nonglik.
I come from Manipur.
I speak Manipuri.

My name is Kamala.
I come from Karnataka.
I speak Kannada.
I play the Mridang.

Bharti is my name.
I come from Andhra Pradesh.
I speak Telugu.
During my summer holidays
I go to Kashmir and stay with
my friends Salma and Suresh.

We are two sisters.
We belong to Odisha.
We speak Odia.
We decorate our walls and floors.

My name is Unni.
I come from Kerala.
I speak Malayalam.
My favourite tree is the coconut tree.

But we are all Indians.
Each of us is unique.


मेरा नाम मीनाक्षी है।
मैं तमिलनाडू से हूँ।
मैं तमिल बोलती हूँ।
मेरा पसंदीदा त्योहार पोंगल है।

मैं रामू हूँ।
मैं गुजरात से हूँ।
मैं गुजराती बोलता हूँ।
मुझे गरबा खेलना पसंद्ध है।
मैं सात साल का हूँ।

मेरा नाम गुलाबो है।
मैं राजस्थान से हूँ।
मुझे रंगबिरंगे कपड़े पहनना पसंद है।
मुझे कठपुतली का खेल देखना पसंद है।
मैं ऊँट की सवारी करती हूँ।

मैं बादल हूँ।
मैं बंगाल से हूँ।
मैं बंगाली बोलता हूँ।
मुझे चित्रकारी और संगीत का शौक है।
मैं शांतिनिकेतन में पढ़ता हूँ।

मैं सुरेंद्र हूँ।
मैं पंजाब से हूँ।
मैं पंजाबी बोलता हूँ।
मेरी पड़ोसी मल्लिका
को भंगड़ा करना पसंद्ध है।

मैं विभा हूँ।
मैं महाराष्ट्र से हूँ।
मैं मराठी बोलती हूँ।
एक बार मैं अजंता-अलौरा की
गुफाएँ घूमकर आई थी।

मैं नीरजा हूँ।
मैं उत्तरप्रदेश से हूँ।
मैंने ताजमहल देखा है।

मेरा नाम नौंगलिक है।
मैं मणिपुर से हूँ।
मैं मणिपुरी बोल सकती हूँ।

मेरा नाम कमला है।
मैं कर्नाटका से हूँ।
मैं कन्नड़ बोल सकती हूँ।
मैं मृदंग बजा सकती हूँ।

भारती मेरा नाम है।
मैं आंध्रप्रदेश से हूँ।
मैं तेलुगु बोलती हूँ।
ग्रीष्म अवकाश के दौरान मैं कश्मीर
घूमने गई थी और वहाँ मैं अपने दोस्तों
सलमा और सुरेश के संग रही थी।

हम दो बहने हैं।
हम उड़िसा से हैं।
हम उड़िया बोलते हैं।
हम अपनी दीवार और ज़मीन को सजाते हैं।

मेरा नाम उन्नी है।
में केरल से हूँ।
में मलयालम बोलती हूँ।
मुझे नारियल का पेड़ पसंद है।

लेकिन हम सब भारतीय हैं।
हम सभी एक-दूसरे से भिन्न हैं।

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