Mridang Class 1 English Worksheet Chapter 7 The Food We Eat

Completing Mridang Class 1 English Worksheets Chapter 7 The Food We Eat helps students develop their reading and writing skills.

NCERT Class 1 English Mridang Worksheet Chapter 7 The Food We Eat

Let us Read

Sharing food promotes unity, cooperation, and empathy. It helps us understand others’ needs, communicate, and build strong relationships.

By sharing meals, we develop social skills, foster a caring community, and cultivate a spirit of generosity. In India, there are many different types of yummy foods to try.

Each region has its own special flavours and ways of cooking. From spicy curries to tasty sweets, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Exploring the foods in India is like going on a fun adventure for your taste buds!

Answer the following questions by choosing the right option.

1. Where do you sit when you have lunch at school?
(a) In the cafeteria
(b) In the classroom
(c) In the school courtyard
(d) At designated picnic tables

2. How do you share your food with your friends?
(a) We take turns eating from the same plate
(b) We divide the food equally among ourselves
(c) We bring our own separate meals
(d) We share snacks or small portions with each other

3. When you were hungry, did anyone share food with you?
(a) Yes, my friends offered me some of their food
(b) No, I usually ate my own food
(c) Occasionally, a teacher or staff member shared food with me
(d) I didn’t experience hunger during school hours

Let us Write

A. Think of the words for the pictures and read aloud. Also, write its name in the blank provided.

Let us Speak

Say aloud the name of food items you see in the pictures.
Tick your favourite food item. Also write the name of the food items in the space provided.

Let us Draw

Connect the dots and colour the picture as shown. Write the name of the food item.

This is a _______

Let us Do

First let us study the shapes that we see in our daily life.

Now match the shapes given in column A with the food items given in Column B.

Let us Speak

A. Match the sentences with the images.

B. Here are some words that have only one syllable. Read them aloud.

C. Here are some words that have two syllables. Read them aloud.
Apple — Ap-pie
Carrot — Car-rot
Orange — Or-ange
Pizza — Pi-zza
Burger — Bur-ger
Pasta — Pas-ta
Salad — Sal-ad
Cookie — Coo-kie

Let us Do

Read the riddle and write the answer. You can take help from the help box.

Riddle : I bark and have four legs. I wag my tail and
love to play fetch. What am I?
Answer : ______

Riddle : I am big and orange. I grow on a vine. You can carve me for Halloween. What am I?
Answer : ______

Riddle : I am small and yellow. I am sour and you can make lemonade with me. What am I?
Answer : ______

Riddle : I am a round fruit. I am red or green and you can take a bite out of me. What am I?
Answer : ______

Riddle : I am a fluffy animal. I hop around and have long ears. What am I?
Answer : ______

Help Box
A lemon, A dog, An apple, A rabbit, A pumpkin

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