Mridang Class 1 English Worksheet Chapter 4 The Cap-seller and the Monkeys

Completing Mridang Class 1 English Worksheets Chapter 4 The Cap-seller and the Monkeys helps students develop their reading and writing skills.

NCERT Class 1 English Mridang Worksheet Chapter 4 The Cap-seller and the Monkeys

Let us Read

Read the story

A cap-seller, while on his journey, took a nap under a tree. Mischievous monkeys seized the chance and snatched his caps. When he woke up, he cleverly imitated the monkeys, prompting them to copy him and remove their own caps. Seizing the opportunity, he swiftly retrieved his caps and hid the monkeys farewell, leaving them with a valuable lesson learned.

Answer the following questions by choosing the correct Option

Question 1.
Who is the main character in the story “The Cap-seller and the Monkeys”?
(a) Cap-seller
(b) Monkeys
(c) Lion
(d) Tiger

Question 2.
What did the cap-seller discover when he woke up from his nap?
(a) All his caps were missing
(b) Monkeys were wearing his caps
(c) He had fallen into a deep pit
(d) A lion was staring at him

Question 3.
How did the cap-seller get his caps hack form the monkeys?
(a) He scared them away with a stick
(b) He offered them some bananas in exchange for the caps
(c) He climbed up a tree and snatched the caps back
(d) He shouted at the monkeys and they dropped the caps

Question 4.
Why did the cap-seller take a nap under the tree?
(a) He was tired from walking a long distance
(b) He wanted to take a break and enjoy the shade
(c) He was waiting for the monkeys to appear
(d) He had lost his way and needed to rest

Question 5.
Where did the cap-seller keep his caps?
(a) In a bag
(b) On his head
(c) In a box
(d) In his pockets

Let us Speak

1. Read the following words. Note the sound of the first word.
(a) Cow — Camel — Cake
(b) Monday — Mouse — Melon
(c) Bag — Bull — Bear

2. Tick (✓) the words that start with the same sound.

Let us Colour and Write

Colour the following pictures with different pencil colours and complete their name by filling the blank.

Now write here your :
Name: …………………..
Class: ………………….. Section: …………………..
School: …………………..

Let us Sing

Honeybees Honeybees

Honeybees Honeybees
Up, Up, Up
Honeybees Honeybees
bown, bown, Down
Honeybees Honeybees
In, In, In
Honeybees Honeybees
Out, Out, Out

Let us Speak

See the picture and answer the questions.

1. What do you see in the picture?
I see a _______on the picture.

2. What do you see on the tree?
I see a _______on the tree.

3. What is in the nest?
There are ________ in the nest.

4. How many eggs are there in the nest?
There are ________eggs in the nest.

5. How many birds can you see in the picture?
There are _______ birds in the picture.

Let us Say and Clap

Listen to the poem, say and act.

Let us Write

A. Encircle the words that do not sound same.

B. Match the same sounding letters in the two columns.

Column A — Column B
K — f
R — p
N — d
F — k
D — r
Q — n
P — q

Let us Speak

Listen and repeat

Here are some words that have two syllables.
1. Apple : ap-ple
2. Table : ta-ble
3. Happy : hap-py
4. Funny : fun-ny
5. River : nv-er
7. Tiger : ti-ger
8. Robot : ro-bot
9. Music : mu-sic
10. Pizza : piz-za

Let us Read

Catch me if you can
A fat cat sat
on a mat.
I can catch you, little rat.
said the cat.

A little rat saw her,
and hid in a hat.

No, no, you can’t,
said the rat.

The cat ran to
catch the rat.
The rat ran and
hid in a box.

The lid of the box did
not open.

Ha, ha! You can’t catch me, big
cat!, said the rat.

The rat is hungry. He is not finding his way to the cheese.
Help the rat reach the cheese.

Let us Listen

A. Your teacher will read some words. Close your eyes and listen to them carefully.

Now tell :
What is the first sound of each of these words?
What is common in all these words?

B. Now make words by adding one alphabet to ‘an’ First one has been done for you.

C. Your teacher will say some action words. Listen to the words and do their action.

  • Clap your hands
  • Stomp your feet
  • Laugh aloud
  • Open your book
  • Catch the ring
  • Hide behind the door

Let us Do

Let us make a Cute Bunny Mask

Bunnies are a hit with children because of the way they nibble their food, and how they keep jumping around from place to place!

Material You Need

  • White chart paper
  • Scrapes of pink paper
  • Scissors
  • Elastic thread
  • Glue stick

How To Make

  • Cut out the white chart paper in the shape of a bunny for the upper half of the face.
  • Cut out the ear shape as well.
  • Apply glue to the stick scraps of pink paper.
  • Add details such as the nose and the inner ear of the bunny.
  • Punch holes into the mask corners and put thread through the elastic, tying tightly to each hole.

Let Explore

Here is a picture of a rainbow. Draw and colour with the help of crayons.

Let us Do

Match the animals with their homes.

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