Mridang Class 1 English Worksheet Chapter 1 Two Little Hands

Completing Mridang Class 1 English Worksheets Chapter 1 Two Little Hands helps students develop their reading and writing skills.

NCERT Class 1 English Mridang Worksheet Chapter 1 Two Little Hands

Let us Sing

Read the poem and match the body parts with their names.

Let us Say Aloud

New words I have learnt

Let us Write

Parts of the Body.

Look at the pictures of the body parts and write their name.

Let us Read

We have five sense organs. They are:

Name of the sense organs — Their function
(a) Eyes — to see
(b) Ears — to hear
(c) Nose — to smell
(d) Tongue — to taste
(e) Skin — to feel

1. Now, fill in the blanks with the functions of the sense organs.


Let us Draw

Draw Cartoon Hands
Draw outline of your palm, then colour it with pencil colours as shown in the picture.

Can you guess who
am I?
I am a Turkey.

Washing Hands

Many germs that can make people sick are spread when we don’t wash our hands with soap and clean running water. That is why hand washing is so important, especially at key times such as after using the bathroom, when preparing food, before eating, and after coughing, sneezing, or blowing your nose. Follow the following steps to wash your hands.

Let Us Speak

Letter Sounds

Find the odd one out

Which of the following initial sounds of the words does not match. Put a (X) on the wrong word picture.

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