Mridang Class 1 English Solutions Chapter 7 The Food We Eat

We have compiled the Mridang Class 1 Solutions Chapter 7 The Food We Eat textbook exercises and questions comprehensively to help students practice and prepare for exams effectively.

NCERT Class 1 English Mridang Solutions Chapter 7 The Food We Eat

Answer the questions

Question 1.
Where do you sit when you have lunch at school?
I sit in the school playground with my friends to have lunch at school.

Question 2.
How do you share your food with your friends?
We keep our lunch boxes in the centre and everyone share food.

Question 3.
When you were hungry, did anyone share food with you?
Yes, when I was hungry my friends shared their food with me.

Let us read

A. Think of words for the pictures and read aloud.


  • We eat fruits and vegetables which farmers grow.
  • Some farmers keep beehives.
  • We get honey from honeybees.
  • Some farmers keep COWS.
  • We get milk from cows.
  • We make curds and butter from the milk.
  • We should say ‘thank you’ to cows and farmers.

Let us speak

(a) Name the food items you see in the picture.
Food items in the picture are idli with chutney, tomato soup, samosa with ketchup, puri with aloo sabzi, dosa sambhar, paratha, gujiya and laddoos, chole bhature, mutter pulao with dal, cupcakes, jalebis, uthapam, momos and chilla with chutney.

(b) Which is your favourite sweet?
My favourite sweet is rasgulla.

(c) Who cooks food at home?
My mother cooks food at home.

(d) Do you pick up your plate after a meal?
Yes, I pick up my plate after a meal.

Let us do

B. Match the food item to its shape.


Let us draw

1. Say the names of the special dishes you eat at home.
Draw and colour them. See what others have drawn.
Draw pictures of different dishes and colour them yourself.

Let us speak

Fun with Word

A. Listen to the following words that your teacher will read out. Notice that they have only one syllable.
Say the word and clap once.

Do it yourself.

B. Now ay these words.

These words have two syllables. Say each word aloud and clap for every syllable of the word.
(See the words in the textbook)

Do it yourself.

2. Match the following images to the sentences.


Let us do


1. I am a fruit. My name is my colour.
Who am I?

2. I am hard and brown on the outside.
Soft and white inside.
Who am I?

3. I am a vegetable. I am pink in colour.
I may also be white in colour.
If you cut me. I make you cry.
Who am I?

4. I am a fruit. I come in green or purple colour.
I come in a bunch.
Who am I?

Mridang Class 1 English Chapter 7 The Food We Eat Summary

Mridang Class 1 Chapter 7 The Food We Eat Summary in English

Children are having lunch during their lunch break at school. Everyone has brought different foods. They are telling each other what they’ve brought. One girl hasn’t brought lunch because her mother is sick, so two boys offer her their lunch.

Mridang Class 1 Chapter 7 The Food We Eat Summary in Hindi

स्कूल में लंच त्रेक के दौरान बच्चे अपना खाना खा रहे हैं। हर कोई अलग-अलग खाना लेकर आया है। वे एक-दूसरे को बता रहे हैं कि वे क्या खाना लाए हैं। एक लड़की खाना नहीं लाई है क्योंकि उसकी माँ बीमार है, इसलिए दो लड़के उसे अपना खाना दे रहे हैं।

Mridang Class 1 Chapter 7 The Food We Eat Word Meanings

Word Meanings in English
Pages 98-99
Meanings in
Brought to bring लेकर आना
Sick to fall ill बीमार

Mridang Class 1 Chapter 7 The Food We Eat Hindi Translation

I have poori with aloo sabzi.
I have roti with sabzi.
I have fruits.
I got Godok.
I got idli with chutney.
I have brought gobhi paratha.
I have chilla in my box.
My mother is sick.
No lunch for me.
Have my Paratha.
Take my chilla.
Thank you!


मेरे पास पूरी के साथ आलू की सब्जी है।
मेरे पास रोटी के साथ सब्जी है।
मेरे पास फल हैं।
मेरे पास गोदोक है।
मेरे पास इडली के साथ चटनी है।
मैं गोभी का पराठा लाया हूँ।
मेरे पास डिब्बे में चिल्ला है।
मेरी माँ बीमार है। मेरे लिए दोपहर का भोजन नहीं है।
मेरा पराठा ले लो।
मेरा चिल्ला ले लो।

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