CBSE Class 10

Case Study Based Questions – Class 10 Maths

CBSE has recently added Case Study Based Questions or CSQ in Maths, Science and Social Science. You can visit this article to get to practice the official Sample Papers released by CBSE by clicking over here. Also do join out telegram channel to get all the updates and to participate in Quiz by clicking here.

Case Study Based Questions - Class 10 Maths
Case Study Based Questions – Class 10 Maths

What is Case Study Based Questions or CSQ?

Case Study Based or CSQ are typically questions in which the paragraph or passage is given and you simply have to answer them. This questions are not very tough to solve and are introduced so that you score better marks as schools and tuition are kept closed due to the COVID Pandemic. As a result, this had to be introduced. This is resulting to us, by having 34 MCQ which is really very good for scoring 100/100 in CBSE.

How to start preparing for CSQ’s?

To start preparing for CSQ you will need to learn all the chapters very thoroughly especially all the chapters of Geometry. CSQ from Maths can include a mixture of many chapters thus preparing all the concepts is must. They will surely be helpful. After completing all your syllabus you will need to practice a lot. So scroll below to find more than 15 Case study based question.

Is it Easy, Hard or Moderate?

This questions are very simple if practiced at least 20-25 questions than you can easily score lot of good marks or you can score full in Maths!! Practice all the questions below.

How much time to give to each CSQ?

You will be getting 4 Case Study Question’s each would be having 5 sub questions out of which you have to just do 4 questions. So find the shortest and most theoretical question as theoretical questions doesn’t required much solving and it will not even take 1 min to solve.

Each question should not take more than 6 min, resulting to only 24 min for 16 questions which is enough. Solving as many CSQ helps in better understanding and reducing the time for each question.

1st Case Study Based Question

Case Study Based
Case Study Based
  1. What is the area of this land?
    i) 120 m2
    ii) 60 m2
    iii) 20 m2
    iv) 30 m2
  2. What is the length of PQ?
    i) 2.5 m
    ii) 5 m
    iii) 6 m
    iv) 8 m
  3. The length of RS is
    i) 5 m
    ii) 6 m
    iii) 8 m
    iv) 4 m
  4. Area of △APQ is
    i) 7.5 m2
    ii) 10 m2
    iii) 3.75 m2
    iv) 5 m2
  5. What is the area of △ARS?
    i) 21.6 m2
    ii) 10 m2
    iii) 3.75 m2
    iv) 6 m2

  1. Here, be the ladder and be the wall with the window.
    i) CA, AB
    ii) AB, AC
    iii) AC, BC
    iv) AB, BC
  2. We will apply Pythagoras Theorem to find length of the ladder. It is:
    i) AB2 = BC2 – CA2
    ii) CA2= BC2 + AB2
    iii) BC2 = AB2+ CA2
    iv) AB2 = BC2 + CA2
  3. The length of the ladder is              .
    i) 4.5 m
    ii) 2.5 m
    iii)6.5 m
    iv) 5.5 m
  4. What would be the length of the ladder if it is placed 6 m away from the wall and the window is 8 m above the ground?
    i) 12 m
    ii) 10 m
    iii) 14 m
    iv) 8 m
  5. How far should the ladder be placed if the fireman gets a 9 m long ladder?
    i) 6.7 m (approx.)
    ii) 7.7 m (approx.)
    iii) 5.7 m (approx.)
    iv) 4.7 m (approx.)

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