Mahashivratri Fasting Rules 2024, Date and Time, Vrat Types, Significance 

Mahashivratri is one of the famous festivals in India. This festival is around the concern and people are preparing to celebrate the one of the highly auspicious festivals of Hindus, which is dedicated to worship Lord Shiva. 

Mahashivratri Fasting Rules 2024

From Kashmir to Tamil Nadu, the festival is celebrated with unique traditions, rules, rituals and great dedication by Hindus. This festival is the most significant of all Masik Shivaratri that are observed each month. 

Observing the day-long fast on Mahashivratri is of the biggest spiritual importance as this is equivalent to worshipping shiva the whole year and can also assist one attain salvation and absolution of all sins.  

It falls on the fourteen days of the dark half of the lunar month of Phalguna or Magha, a day before the new moon. 

Various Mahashivratri Fasting Rules 

  • On this occasion people clean their house, especially the puja room where Lord Shiva is Placed. 
  • People wake up early in the morning and take a holy bath first before beginning any puja rituals. 
  • On the day of Mahashivratri no salt should be consumed by the people. 
  • Cutting nails and hairs on that day is considered inauspicious. 
  • People should opt for the lifestyle of sattvik on the day of festival and stay away from activities of tamasik like eating meat, garlic, onion, gambling, abusing or fighting. 
  • At the time of Mahashivratri festival, devotees should get involved in meditation. 
  • On this auspicious day, mantra chanting is a must for seeking blessing of Lord Shiva. 
  • Perform Rudrabhishekam or Jalabishakham to please the Lord. 
  • Reading holy books like Shiv Chalisa is rewarding for fast observers. 

Mahashivratri Date and Time 

This special festival is going to be celebrated on 8th March 2024 on Chaturdashi Tithi of Krishna Paksha within the month of Phalguna. 

The Chaturdashi Tithi will begin from 8th March, 9:57 pm and this will end on 9th March, 06:17 pm. 

Mahashivratri Fasting Rules

Mahashivratri Vrat Types 

Basically Mahashivratri fasting consists of three kinds which are followed by the peoples of India to seek blessings of Lord Shiva 

Nirjala Vrat 

  • At the time of taking this Vrat you need to keep in mind that you are not allowed to take water or food during the period of fasting. This kind of fasting time will begin from 8th March (12 am) and will end on 9th March (Sunrise time).  

Phalahara Vrat 

  • This is also one type of fasting and here devotees can consume water, tea, coconut water, coffee, fruit juice, lassi and dry fruits but remember that all these should not be salty. 


  • In this kind of fast one can consume all that which is mentioned in fast of Phalahara along with sing time meal which can include sweets for example makhana kheer, rice kheer, jaggery kheer, sooji halwa and others. 

How to Break Mahashivratri Fast 

On 9th March 2024 devotees must take holy bath and perform poojas through lighting the diya by using desi ghee in front of goddess parvati and lord shiva. 

Offer homemade prepared sweet items like halwa, kheer, or any other sweet fruits and bhog prasad that may be sabzi, poori and raita. All this will first be offered to the lord and goddess and then you are allowed to eat the bhog prasad. On this day no non vegetarian food should be consumed. 

Mahashivratri Fasting Rules Significance 

Fasting detoxifies the body and mind purifies 

  • At the time of fasting the body feels lighter and the mind gets more relaxed as the restlessness decreases. But at the same time the mind becomes highly alert. 
  • When it happens, this is highly prepared for meditation and prayer which is the central aspect of celebrating Mahashivratri festival. 

Enhancing the powers of prayers 

  • When both body and mind are detoxified there is higher strength in your prayers and intentions. 
  • When you mix the fasting of Shivratri with meditation you enhance the possibility of desires getting manifested. 
  • It is said that the grace of Lord Shiva is bestowed upon you at the time of observing Shivratri Vrat with devotion and sincerity your wishes are fulfilled. 

Absolving you of sins 

  • Fasting is responsible to frees the mind of navigate emotions such as anger, greed, anxiety and lust. 
  • This believed that when you are fasting and chanting the names of lords, you are absolved of all your sins. 

In conclusion Mahashivratri fasting plays a very important role in the life of people in various aspects like achieving blessings from goddess, fulfilling their wishes and others. 

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