Lynx Air Refund – Guide to get refund for Canceled tickets!

Lynx Air has announced that they are ceasing operations from 26 February 2024 onwards. The passengers who have booked future flights will get a refund on their flight bookings. If you have canceled the Lynx Air flight or booked a future flight, here’s what you need to know about the refund details.

The Canadian low-cost airline Lynx Air has issued a statement that has shocked their customer, it was about shutting down the operation of Lynx Air from 26 February 2024.

The Lynx airline used to charge low fares to their customers so they could fly more and enjoy their time with their loved ones, but this news has come as a surprise for the customers.

The company said they are closing down due to financial pressures related to fuel costs, inflation, cost of capital, exchange rates, and competitive tension in the market.

The company said the flights booked on weekends will continue to fly, or if they get canceled, the company will notify the passengers through email.

The passengers who had booked tickets on the 26 and after the 26 will receive the notifications of cancellation from the airline, and they must contact their credit card company to get their refund amount on the cancellation of the ticket. 

How to get your Lynx Air Refund?

As mentioned earlier, Lynx has made it clear that they will not be able to assist in the process of refunds. So, passengers have to go through the refund process by themselves via their credit card company.

The process to request your refund from the credit company is simple, you will need the following information in your hand:

  • Your contract of cancellation of the booking.
  • You name
  • Proof of payment from the airline.
  • DOB
  • Mobile number
  • Address

Let’s see what people can do to get their refunds:

The process depends on your credit card company, but the general process is what we are mentioning:

  • Request a chargeback to your credit card company, you can call the customer care service of your credit card provider. 
  • You should provide the notice of cancellation of your ticket booking via Lynx Air.
  • Provide all your required information and see if the refund is applicable.
  • If your refund is applicable, you will most likely receive your refund in seven business days.

With Lynx Air’s situation widely known to everybody, it will be easy to process your refund.

However, many credit card companies like CIBC have said that they will only submit a transaction dispute with the credit card network, once the date of booked flight has passed. The users then have to submit the dispute through CIBC customer care or online services, etc.

Lynx Air Refund

In this case, follow the below steps:

  1. Provide the notice of cancellation of the contract.
  2. Provide the notice of dispute to the credit card company.
  3. And lastly, request your chargeback through statutory chargeback.

Lynx Air has suggested the affected passengers follow FTI Consulting Canada Inc. for the latest information.

What are other airlines doing about Lynx Air news?

After the Lynx Air announcement, many airline companies announced some discounts and added seats to cater to the needs and requirements of the impacted passengers of Lynx. 

Westjet offered discounts for affected Lynx passengers:

  • WestJet offered a 25% discount on economy tickets for the Lynx passengers on the route previously served by Lynx Air. 
  • The impacted passengers can utilize the code WEST JET and book their ticket on the official website of the airline till 29 Feb.
  • The company also added that they have set a limit of taxes and fees on all northbound economy cabin fares at $250 on routes that were previously covered by Lynx Air.

Air Canada added seats and cut down some fares:

  • Following the Lynx Air shutdown, Air Canada stated that they would add 6000 seats in routes covered by Lynx Air from Toronto and Montreal to Cancun, Tampa, Orlando, Phoenix, Fort Myers, and LA between 25 Feb and 19 March,
  • Air Canada will also curb the fares from 26 Feb and through the April and Easter holidays to provide relief to passengers traveling during the Holidays.

The sudden news of Lynx Air shutting down has created chaos between customers who have booked their tickets for the future and traveling through the airline. Customers can request a refund from their credit card company. 

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