Loom Solar launches powerful lithium battery

Loom Solar launches powerful lithium battery

You find many lithium battery manufacturing companies in the market that make almost identical lithium batteries and you get to see similar features in them. One of them is Loom Solar, which has many different types of lithium batteries and their prices also vary.

But now they have launched a new lithium battery in which you get to see more features. For example, on this battery you can see a display inside which all the parameters are visible. By connecting these lithium batteries in parallel, you can make any big solar system, even you can make a solar system up to 50 kilo watts.

Loom Solar CAML10051IP Lithium Battery

This battery comes with IP 56 rating which makes it dust proof and fire proof as well as water resistant. Due to which the life of the battery increases manifold. The biggest advantage of this battery is that it is a maintenance free battery, so you just have to install it once and forget it and there will be no need to change it again and again.

You can charge lithium batteries very quickly. Because inside it you get high current charging capacity. So that you can fully charge this battery in about 2 to 3 hours. With G, you can also discharge it with high current so that even if you run a heavy load on it, there will be no negative impact on the life of this battery.

If you compare this battery with lead acid battery, then you get 6000 life cycles inside it, which means that you can run it comfortably for about 10 years.

Apart from this, the size of this battery is much less than the lead acid battery. Where you have to install four lead acid batteries, you can install this one battery and the better thing is that you can install it not only on the ground but also on the wall. Can apply. Due to which you save a lot of space.

In cities where people live in flats, there is already a shortage of space, so this battery is going to be very beneficial for them.

In terms of weight also, Lithium battery is four times lighter than lead acid battery, so you can easily lift it and take it anywhere.


Model CAML10051-IP
battery capacity 5120-Watt hour
Battery rating 100 Ah / 51.2 Volts
technology lithium phosphate
Charging time 2 – 3 hours
Cycle Life More than 6000 times
Expansion In Parallel Upto 9 units


  • Charging within 2 -3 hours only
  • Zero maintenance
  • Self-discharge rate – 5% per month @ 25˚C
  • Higher AH Efficiency – 100%.
  • IP Rating – 56

Other Features

◆ All the battery cells used are brand new, A+ grade.
② Our batteries are compatible with 90% of inverters in the market.
③Cycle life more than 6000s Cycle.
④ Warranty: Upto 10 years*.
⑤ All certificates are complete.

Loom solar lithium battery price

You can get this battery in the market for Rs. 125000, where you can get the batteries of other companies at almost the same price, but if your budget is low and you want to get a cheaper battery than this, then Loom Solar Company also has cheaper batteries than this. will be found

The price of the battery depends on its capacity, so the higher the capacity of the battery, the higher will be its price, so you can choose the battery as per your need.


So, if you also want to install a maintenance free and long life battery in your house so that you do not need to change the battery again and again and there is no hassle of pouring water in it again and again, then you can install Lithium battery. If you do not get Lithium Battery of Loom Solar Company then you can take battery of any other good brand.

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