Lithium battery cheaper than lead acid has arrived in the market

Lithium battery cheaper than lead acid has come in the market su-vastika lithium battery price,lithium inverter battery price,lithium battery inverter setup,inbuilt lithium battery inverter,lithium po4 battery

Every day you get to see new technology batteries in the market and from time to time these batteries are made even better. But at the same time the price of these batteries also increases. That is why not everyone is able to buy new technology batteries. You get a lot of benefits by installing new technology batteries, about which you will be told below.

Till now we are mostly using lead acid batteries only. It is available quite cheaply and easily because every company makes this battery. But if we talk about Lithium battery, there are only a few companies in the market which are manufacturing Lithium battery, that is why the price of Lithium battery has become very high.

Lithium battery cheaper than lead acid has arrived in the market

Lead acid batteries are available in different shapes and sizes. That’s why it has the same budget. He can buy lead acid battery at the same price. But if you want to install only lithium battery, then now you will get lithium battery in the market at the same price as lead acid battery.

Su-vastika company has launched Lithium battery in the market at the same price as a single battery. If you install a single battery inverter then you have to install a 150Ah battery on it. If you want a Lithium battery instead of a 150Ah lead acid battery. If you want to install it, you will need to install only 80Ah lithium battery.

Because in a 150Ah Lead Acid battery you can store about 1 Kilowatt of power and in an 80Ah Lithium battery you can also store 1 Kilowatt of power.

Currently you will get 150Ah lead acid battery in the market for around Rs 14 to 15000. And you will also get 80Ah lithium battery from Su-vastika company for around Rs 13 to 14000.

These inverter batteries will run the entire load of the petrol pump.

Benefits of installing Su-vastika Lithium Battery

Although there are many benefits of installing Lithium battery in itself, Lithium battery has some special features which make it an even better battery than lead acid battery.

1.Size: Talking about size, lithium battery is about 5 times smaller than lead acid battery. If four lead acid batteries are installed somewhere, then one lithium battery can be installed there. Due to which you save a lot of space. Similarly, if there is a setup of 10 lead acid batteries somewhere, then you can install only one lithium battery there also.

2.Weight: Lithium battery is smaller in size than lead acid battery and is also much lighter in weight. If you replace four lead acid batteries with one lithium battery, then that lithium battery will be about 5 times lighter than those four lead acid batteries. A lead acid battery weighs approximately 250 Kg, while a lithium battery of the same capacity weighs approximately 50 Kg.

3.Fast Charging: If a lead acid battery is charged based on its rating, it takes about 10 hours to charge. The same lithium battery gets fully charged in about four to five hours. So there is a lot of power cut in its area. . Lithium battery is perfect for that, because even if electricity comes for a short time, your lithium battery will get fully charged very quickly.

4. Life: You get about 3000 charge cycles in a lithium battery, due to which the battery can last for about 10 years, whereas the life of a lead acid battery is only about 5 years.

5 Maintenance Free : In lead acid battery you need to add water again and again. If you forget to add water then your battery will get damaged very quickly. But in lithium battery you do not need to add any kind of water. So that you can Can also be used without maintenance.

6. No Fumes: Lead acid battery releases a lot of harmful gas during charging and discharging, but no gas of any kind is released in lithium battery, that is why it is considered to be the safest battery.

So you can see how many benefits are there in installing Lithium battery. If you also want to install Lithium battery in your house, then you can install the battery of Su-vastika company. Which you will get at a very low price and in this company you will get different benefits. -Batteries are available in different sizes.

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