Juniper Hotels IPO, Open and Close Date, Lot Size, Reservation, How to apply?

Juniper Hotels is set to launch its initial public offering (PO) on February 21, 2024, with a face value of Rs 10. The IPO, worth Rs 1,800 crore, will be open for subscription until February 23, 2024.

Juniper Hotels IPO

The Juniper Hotels IPO, valued at Rs 1,800.00 crores, is a book-built issue consisting of 5 crore fresh shares. 

Subscriptions for the IPO will be accepted from February 21 to February 23, 2024, with the allotment expected to be completed on February 26, 2024. 

The anticipated listing date for Juniper Hotels IPO on BSE and NSE is Wednesday, February 28, 2024.

IPO Date February 21, 2024 to February 23, 2024
Listing Date February 28, 2024 (Tentative Date)
Face Value ₹10 per share
Price Band ₹342 to ₹360 per share
Lot Size 40 Shares
Total Issue Size 50,000,000 shares (aggregating up to ₹1,800.00 Cr)
Fresh Issue 50,000,000 shares (aggregating up to ₹1,800.00 Cr)
Issue Type Book Built Issue IPO
Listing At BSE, NSE
Shareholding pre issue 172,502,384
Shareholding post issue 222,502,384

Juniper Hotels IPO Reservation

Investor categories and their share allocation in the Juniper Hotels IPO:

Investor Category Shares Offered Percentage of Net Issue
Qualified Institutional Buyers (QIBs) Not less than 75% Minimum 75%
Retail Investors Not more than 10% Maximum 10%
Non-Institutional Investors (NIIs) Not more than 15% Maximum 15%

Key Points:

  • The total net issue size of the Juniper Hotels IPO is 50,000,000 shares.
  • QIBs are allocated the largest portion of the offering, with a minimum of 75% reserved for them. This shows the company’s focus on attracting institutional investors.
  • Retail investors have access to a smaller portion, with a maximum of 10% of the shares available. This percentage aligns with the current SEBI regulations for IPOs.
  • NIIs (High Networth Individuals) can apply for a maximum of 15% of the shares. This provides an opportunity for individual investors with substantial capital to participate.

Juniper Hotels IPO

Juniper Hotels IPO Timeline

The key dates for Juniper IPO Hotels are:

Event  Date Details
IPO Open  February 21, 2024 Applications for shares begin.
IPO Close February 23, 2024 The application window closes.
Basis of Allotment February 26, 2024 Shares are allocated to successful applicants based on bids.
Initiation of Refunds February 27, 2024 Unsuccessful applicants receive refunds.
Credit of Shares to Demat February 27, 2024 Allotted shares credited to investors’ Demat accounts.
Listing  February 28, 2024 Shares begin trading on stock exchanges (BSE & NSE).
UPI Mandate Confirmation 5 PM, February 23, 2024 Ensure your UPI mandate is confirmed for smooth application/refund.

Juniper Hotels IPO Lot Size

Key Points:

  • Minimum Lot Size: 40 shares
  • Increments: Shares must be applied for in multiples of 40
  • Investor Categories: Retail (individuals), S-HNI (Small HNI), B-HNI (Big HNI)
  • These are minimum investments. You can apply for more shares in multiples of 40 within the category limits.
Investor Category Minimum Lots Shares Minimum Investment Maximum Lots Shares Maximum Investment
Retail 1 40 ₹14,400 35 1,400 ₹187,200
S-HNI 1 40 ₹201,600 17,320 692,800 ₹993,600
B-HNI 176 7,040 ₹1,008,000 N/A N/A N/A

These figures are based on the tentative price band of ₹342 – ₹360 per share. The final investment amounts may vary depending on the final price determined during the IPO.

Juniper Hotels IPO Promoter Holding

Pre-IPO Shareholding:

  • 100.00% of the company’s shares are held by promoters before the IPO.

Post-IPO Shareholding:

  • Unfortunately, the exact post-IPO shareholding percentage isn’t available currently.
  • This is because the offer size (number of shares sold in the IPO) hasn’t been finalized yet.

Key Considerations:

  • The final offer size will depend on various factors, like investor demand and price band.
  • Once the offer size is determined, the percentage of promoter holding post-IPO can be calculated using the following formula:

Promoter Holding (%) = (Pre-IPO Shares – Offer Size) / (Total Shares Issued) * 100.

Applying for Juniper Hotels IPO 

You can apply for the Juniper Hotels IPO through your broker:

  • Access your broker’s online platform or mobile app.
  • Locate the “IPO” section or similar tab on the platform.
  • Find the “Juniper Hotels IPO” and confirm application availability.
  • Enter the number of shares you want to apply for (in multiples of 40).
  • Select the price band you’re comfortable with (if offered).
  • Choose “Broker UPI” or “ASBA” (with your bank) for payment.
  • Carefully review all details and submit the application.( UPI mandate is necessary for faster processing)
  • Receive a confirmation message with your application details.

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