Joyful Mathematics Class 2 Worksheet Chapter 7 Rani’s Gift (Measurement)

Completing Joyful Mathematics Class 2 Worksheets Chapter 7 Rani’s Gift (Measurement) helps students reinforce the concepts they have learned in class.

NCERT Class 2 Maths Joyful Mathematics Worksheet Chapter 7 Rani’s Gift (Measurement)

Measurement :

We can measure objects by comparing them with other objects like pencils, clips, ribbons or using our body parts (finger, foot, hand, stride). These are non standard units of length.

Question 1.
Length of the backrest of the sofa is _____________ handspan.

Question 2.
Length of one of the side of the table is _____________ cubit.

Use your textbook to measure the length of the following objects:

Shortest and Longest Paths :

Kavita is going to the school from her home. There are 2 paths and number of steps that Kavita must take is written on each stone. Find the shortest/longest paths to the school.

How Many Blocks :

Look at the pictures and complete the sentences, Tick the correct answer.

Pumpkin’s Chaupal :

Look at the picture and tick (✓) the correct answer.

Question 1.
Which one is lighter?

Question 2.
Which one is lighter?

Question 3.
Which one is heavier?

Question 4.
Which one is heavier?

Heavy vs Light :

Tick (✓) the heavy one and cross (✗) the light one.

Find Out Capacity :

Question 1.
5 of water can fill a .
Capacity of tumbler is 5 glasses.

Question 2.
20 of soup can fill a .
Capacity of bowl is _____________ spoons.

Question 3.
25 of water can fill a .
Capacity of the drum is _____________ buckets.

Question 4.
30 of water can fill a .
Capacity of the bucket is _____________ mugs.

Question 5.
A can fill 8 .
Capacity of the tub is _____________ buckets.

Question 6.
A can fill 10 .
Capacity of the teapot is _____________ cups.

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