Joyful Mathematics Class 1 Solutions Chapter 9 Utsav (Patterns)

With the help of a Joyful Mathematics Class 1 Solutions Chapter 9 Utsav (Patterns) students can tackle challenging problems with confidence.

Joyful Mathematics Class 1 NCERT Solutions Chapter 9 Utsav (Patterns)

Extend the patterns by drawing further. (Page 100)


Let Us Do (Page 101)
Munna is very fond of colouring. He created a pattern by using the impression of his thumb and fingers. You can also make a pattern like this by using your fingerprint in the given space.

What color should come after pink and why? Discuss.
Green, because in the given pattern green comes after pink.

Look at the patterns and extend them by colouring.


Complete the pattern.


Study the pattern and fill in the missing numbers.


Murthy and Vani are helping their Amma in making kolam or rangoli. You can also help them by completing the below kolam.


Project Work
A. Collect pebbles, flowers, leaves, glasses, bowls, sticks, bangles, coins, caps, etc., and arrange them in a pattern. Create different patterns of jewelry, floral pot arrangements, art showpieces, etc.
B. Observe and find the patterns in nature like leaves, butterflies, animal skins (cat, dog, zebra, tiger), curtains, sarees, dupattas, tiles, beehives, etc.
C. Collect different objects seen around and make a collage.
D. Create patterns using different actions like clapping, snapping your fingers, stamping your feet, etc.

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