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JKCA released the instructions for the Talent Hub 2024. It’s a brilliant opportunity for children under 14, under 15, under 16, and 19 to showcase their talent and take their cricket passion to the next level. Players who wish to participate in the Talent Hub 2024 can read the article below to know the detailed information released to date about the Talent Hub 2024 by the association.

JKCA Trials 2024 Registration

Cricket is a popular sport among every generation in India. It has attracted many children from a young age. The government continued to provide an exciting opportunity for the youth to pursue their career in Cricket. 

JKCA Talent Hunt is one of those opportunities for young passionate cricketers to build their careers in Cricket.

The Jammu and Kashmir Cricket Association organized the Talent Hub to hunt and nurture the young cricket talents from Jammu and Kashmir, and Ladakh. 

The Talent hunt trials are for all age groups under 14, under 15, under 16, and 19 boys and girls. The U-23 category will also be included for men and women.

According to the JKCA reports, around 8,000 cricketers participated in the Talent Hub of the previous year, and 650 of them were selected to strengthen the JKCA teams to the next level. 

The Association has released the instructions for the registration of the JKCA Talent Hub 2024 and the schedule of the Talent Hub 2024 will be released shortly by the JKCA. 

The players who wish to participate in this year’s Talent Hub trial are requested to register themselves by the JKCA before 10 March 2024. 

Event Name JKCA Talent Hub 2024 Trial
Organized by  Jammu and Kashmir Cricket Association
Targeted to Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh Cricket young cricket talents
Age group U-14 boys, U-15 Girl’s, U-16 boys, and 19 boys and girls, U-23 men and women
Aim  To hunt young cricket talents and allow them to showcase their talent.
Official Website  jkca.tv

Eligibility of the JKCA Talent Hub 2024 Trial

The players who wish to participate in the upcoming JKCA Talent Hub should fit the eligibility criteria. The eligibility criteria of players for the JKCA Talent Hub trial are:

  • The players should come from Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh only no other state players are allowed to participate in the JKCA talent hub.
  • Under 14 boys, under 15 girls, under 16 boys, and U-19 boys and girls can participate in the Talent Hub trial 2024.
  • Players who have attended the 2023 Talent Hub do not need to apply for this year’s Talent Hub.

JKCA Trials 2024 Registration

Documents Required for the JKCA Talent Hub 2024 Trails

The applicants need to present the following documents to register for the JKCA Talent Hub 2024 Trial:

  • DOB Certificate
  • Aadhar Card
  • The last three years’ mark sheet of the applicant.
  • Proof of last three years residency of Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh. 
  • PAN Card if the applicant has it.

Registration Instruction for JKCA Talent Hub 2024

The registration form will be shortly available on the official website of the JKCA. To register for the JKCA Talent Hub trials, the applicants need to download the application form from the website and email it to the JKCA email ID for the particular group. 

Let’s see how you can download the form and the email ID, where you have to send the form as per your group:

  1. Go to the official website of JKCA –
  2. Scroll down to the latest news, here you will find the registration link once it is updated by the association.
  3. Click on that link and download the form for the Talent Hub 2024 trials.
  4. Fill in all the required details in the form manually and attach all the required documents with the form.
  5. Now, email it according to your category.
  • Remember the email IDs will be available with the notification of the form, so check it before you email your form.
  1. After you send the form to the assigned email ID, you have completed the registration process, now wait for the confirmation from the association.

The JKCA talent Hub trials are coming soon for the J&K and Ladakh cricket talents to showcase their talent and get the brilliant opportunity to get the training to showcase their cricket talent at the state and national level.

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