JCL T10 2024 Groups, Teams, Schedule, Live Streaming, Point Table 

There will be great cricket matches played in the JCL T10 2024 (Japan Cricket League T10 2024).  The tournament started on 24 March 2024 and will end on 7 April 2024 at Sano International Cricket Ground, Sano, Kanto. The 10 teams will participate in JCL T10 2024.

JCL T10 2024

The Japan Cricket League (JCL) T10 second season is scheduled to begin on Sunday, March 24 at the Japan Cricket Association (JCA). All the cricket campaign’s matches will be held in Sano, Kanto’s Sano International Cricket Ground.

Ten teams in all will face off during the campaign. Men in Blue Tokyo, Kawasaki Knight Riders, Tokyo Titans, Rising Stars, Chiba Sharks, Tokyo Wombats, Tigers Cricket Club, Wyverns Cricket Club, and Sano CC are a few of them.

The five fresh teams are the Tokyo Wombats, Tokyo Titans, Chiba Sharks, Rising Stars, and Wyverns Cricket Club. Three teams from the inaugural edition Tokyo Titans, Tokyo Rangers CC, and Tokyo Falcons will not participate in this competition.

JCL T10 2024 Groups

The teams were divided into four groups in JCL T10 2024. Let’s explore the team groupings for the JCL T10 2024. Here are the teams distributed across the four groups:

Group A:

  • Tigers Cricket Club
  • Wyverns Cricket Club

Group B:

  • Men In Blue Tokyo
  • Tokyo Star Kings

Group C:

  • Kawasaki Knight Rider CC
  • Tokyo Titans
  • Rising Stars

Group D:

  • Chiba Sharks
  • Sano CC
  • Tokyo Falcons

These teams will battle it out in their respective groups, aiming to secure a spot in the semi-finals.

JCL T10 2024

JCL T10 2024 Schedule 

Here is the full schedule of JCL T10 2024 which contains dates,  matches, and timing information. All the timing is according to the Indian Standard Time(IST). 

Matches  Date  Time 
Tigers Cricket Club vs. Wyverns Cricket Club On Sunday, March 24, 2024  At 6:30 am
Tigers Cricket Club vs. Wyverns Cricket Club At 8:30 am
Tigers Cricket Club vs. Wyverns Cricket Club At 10:30 am
Men In Blue Tokyo vs. Tokyo Star Kings  On Saturday, March 30, 2024  At 6:30 am
Men In Blue Tokyo vs. Tokyo Star Kings  At 8:30 am 
Men In Blue Tokyo vs. Tokyo Star Kings  At 10:30 am
Tokyo Titans vs. Kawasaki Knight Rider CC  On Sunday, March 31, 2024  At 6:30 am
Tokyo Titans vs Rising Stars At 8:30 am
Kawasaki Knight Riders CC vs. Rising Stars  At 10:30 am
Tokyo Falcons vs Sano CC On Saturday, April 6, 2024 At 6:30 am
Tokyo Falcons vs Chiba Sharks At 8:30 am
Sano CC vs Chiba Sharks At 10:30 am
Semi – Final 1 On Sunday, April 7, 2024  At 6:00 am 
Semi – Final 2 At 8:00 am
3rd place Playoff At 10:00 am
Final  At 12:00 pm

JCL T10 2024 Teams

Here are the team names that will participate in JCL T10 2024. 

  • Sano CC
  • Rising Stars 
  • Chiba Sharks 
  • Tokyo Falcons
  • Tokyo Titans
  • Kawasaki Knight Rider CC 
  • Men In Blue Tokyo
  • Tokyo Star King
  • Tigers Cricket Club
  • Wyverns Cricket Club

JCL T10 2024 Live Streaming 

Two extra teams have been added, making this event larger than the first one. It will be the perfect venue for all aspiring cricket players to network with the nation’s top players and get a shot at becoming professional players. 

You don’t need to worry if you’re seeking to watch this cricket competition live. You may now experience live phone streaming of every match. For Indian fans, the tournament will be streamed live via the FanCode app and website. Nevertheless, the tournament will not be televised live. 

JCL T10 2024 Point table 

Here is the point table of JCL T10 2024 group A that contains total played matches, wins, losses, PTS, and NRR information. 

Group A

Teams  Played matches  Win  Loss  PTS NRR
Tigers Cricket Club 3 3 0 12 1.536
Wyverns Cricket Club 3 0 3 0 -1.536

 Group B

Teams  Played matches Win Loss PTS NRR
Men In Blue Tokyo 1 1 0 4 11.80
Tokyo Star King 1 0 1 0 -11.80

Group C and D matches are yet to be played.

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