IRS Recruitment 2024 – Tax Law Specialist Application Form Deadline 

As part of the IRS Recruitment 2024 plan to enhance tax enforcement and customer service, the U.S. The Internal Revenue Service intends to hire additional staff members for tax law specialist positions. The deadline to apply is 2 May 2024.

IRS Recruitment 2024

IRS Recruitment 2024 tax law specialist is employed at an entry-level that offers opportunities for individuals. As an expert in tax law, you can apply to the IRS. Once you do, you’ll be able to explore a world of professional alternatives, career advancement, and training and skill development. 

In actuality, a large number of senior and leadership teams started with the IRS as Tax Law Specialists. With their GS-5/7/9/11 career ladders, tax law specialists can start as grade 5 and move up to grade 11 without facing further competition. Later, they can fight for even higher grades. 

IRS Recruitment for tax law specialist 2024 offers GS 11 – 13 which is for those who qualify for this post. It also offers a salary range between $69,107 – $145,617 per year. 

Utilising the most recent advancements in data management systems, telecommunications, and tiny and microcomputers, you will be a Specialist. In your interactions with clients, companies, and the legal and financial sectors, you will be a proactive decision-maker.

IRS Tax Law Specialist Recruitment 2024

In this position, You’ll demonstrate a thorough understanding of numerous companies and industry kinds, as well as evolving tax and pension regulations. You will communicate with CPAs, actuaries, pension lawyers, and taxpayers among others. You will do more than just teach, help, counsel, and evaluate.

US citizenship and a four-year degree, or expertise in legal or tax accounting with a need for familiarity with federal tax rules and regulations, are prerequisites. If you hold a JD or LLM, you may also be qualified for better grades.

The application process for IRS recruitment 2024 for tax law specialists is open from 02/06/2023 and will close on 02/05/2024. Interested people can follow the application process which is given below for applying. The IRS has not yet released the entire number of vacancies, but it will do so shortly. 

IRS Recruitment

IRS Recruitment Eligibility 2024

The following are the general criteria listed on the IRS Careers website for the post of Tax Law Specialist:

  • Candidates have to be citizens of the United States. 
  • a four-year degree, expertise in tax accountancy or law, and familiarity with federal tax rules and regulations. 
  • Additionally, if you hold a JD or LLM, you may be qualified for higher grades. 

Depending on the division and area, the IRS also provides Tax Law Specialists with a variety of career ladders and employment types.

How to apply for IRS Recruitment 2024?

The procedures below must be followed in order to apply for IRS recruiting 2024:

  • To view the open openings, browse to the IRS Careers website and choose the Featured Jobs area.
  • Select the position “tax law specialist” that  suits your skills and interests, then hit the Apply button.
  • Create a resume using the USAJobs resume generator after registering by entering your contact information and basic personal data.
  • Fill up the online application and send in the necessary paperwork, including certificates, transcripts, and eligibility verification.
  • Await receiving the email of confirmation, then adhere to the guidelines for the further steps which may include interviews and assessment exams.

On the USA Jobs website, you may also verify the status of your application. The IRS Recruitment Office can be reached by phone at 1-866-743-5748 or by email at [email protected] if you have any inquiries.

How to check the status of IRS Recruitment 2024?

You can take the following actions to find out how your application for the IRS Recruitment 2024 tax law specialist post is progressing:

  • Use the USAJOBS website to log in to your account:
  • Navigate to your Applications from your Dashboard page. The most recent update date will determine which of your current applications are shown.
  • Examine the applications on your list. The application for each job has its status marked.
  • On “Application Status,” click.
  • A list of the positions you applied for will be displayed, along with the application statuses (Received, Reviewed, Referred, Selected, Hired).
  • To view further information about your application, click the “+” symbol.
  • For further information, get in touch with the recruiting company directly as well. The job announcement or the email you got upon confirmation of your application generally contain the contact details.

IRS Recruitment 2024 Salary

The IRS will provide the chosen candidates with a specific salary which ranges between $69,107 – $102,166 per year. 

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