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75th Independence Day Essay in English [Latest] | Best Independence Day Essay for Class 10

Independence Day Essay : In this post we have shared Independence Day Essay in English for class 10 students in around 200 – 1000 words.

Many schools host their essay competitions during these special occasions like independence day. Today 15 August 2021, India is celebrating its 75th independence day. Now, Let’s begin with the Independence Day Essay.

Independence Day Essay
Independence Day Essay

Independence Day Essay

15th August 1947 the day when India got independence from British rule. A long year of struggle for freedom finally ended on 15th August, the golden day in the history of India. Many freedom fighters sacrificed their lives for the freedom of India, and today it’s our duty to remember all the freedom fighters of India.

15th August is celebrated as the independence day of India. It is celebrated across India in different forms. 15th August is marked as a national holiday. All the institutions remain closed to this day. This day is very close to each Indian. Today is the birthday of our nation.

Celebration of Independence Day

15th August is celebrated as Independence Day all over India with great joy and enthusiasm. It is celebrated in schools, colleges, cooperates places and at everyone’s heart. This day is so close to each of us. In the capital city of India – New Delhi, a grand show is hosted at the Red Fort. The whole show is telecasted to all the national TV channels. All the leaders and common people gather around in front of the Red Fort.

All the people all over India, enjoy the parade and cultural programmers held at the Red Fort. The prime minister of India hoists the flag then and all of them sing the National Anthem of India. The PM addresses the whole nation with his short speech and wishes all the Indian citizens – A very happy Independence Day. The PM of India highlights important issues and talks about future development programmes.

All the Indian citizens pay tribute to all the freedom fighters, who fought for India’s freedom. Feeling grateful to be a citizen of India, a free India that the freedom fighters gifted us. These similar types of events are held across India in the respective states, where the CM hoists the national flag of India followed by the National Anthem. Every citizen all over the country celebrates it in its own way.

In school and colleges, before the corona virus pandemic, we used to celebrate the independence day with great joy. There used to be some comepetition like card making and some sports activities. We used to decorate the school with llghts and the place around the national flag of India. The flag was then hoisted by the principle of school followed by the national anthem. Sweets were distributed among all the students and it used to be fun after all.

Some shows and movies are telecasted on televisions and radio on the ocassion of Independence Day. Even newspapers print some of the stories regarding the Independence day of India. Digital news publishing sites also posts some great info about the Independence day. There are some exciting sales being hosted on the e-commerce sites like amazon and flipcart for this special ocassion.

Indepence Day importance

15th August is a important day for all the citizens of India. We all are grateful to have birth in a free country. The free nation in which we enjoy all our fundamental rights is because of the freedom fighters. Those people who even sacrificed their life to make India free from the British rule. And it is our duty to shape the better future of this nation.

We are the future of this country and it is our prime responsibility to serve the nation the best we can. This day makes us feel so proud to be a Indian. Freedom Fighters played their role well and now it is our turn to give the nation our best efforts towards its development.

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Which year of Independence is 2021?

75th Independence Day. On 15th August 2021, India will complete 74 years of freedom. So this marks the beginning of 75th Independence day.

Why is Independence Day called as Red Letter Day?

Independence Day is a very special ocassion, when India got freedom from the British Rule. So, it is marked as the Red letter day

How schools celebrate Independence Day?

Before the pandemic, Schools used to hosts some competitions for students. There used to be some dance and singing performaces by the students. Sweets and other stuff used to get distributed among the students. Principal of the school hoists the national flag of India followed by the National Anthem.

So, this was a complete Independence Day essay. This Independence Day essay is written for the latest 75th Indpendence Day of India 2021.

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